15 Signs It’s Time To Quit Your Job

15 Signs It’s Time To Quit Your Job

15 Signs It’s Time To Quit Your Job

15 Signs It’s Time To Quit Your Job

15 Signs It’s Time To Quit Your Job How to know 

  • When it’s the right time to quit? 
  • When should I quit my job? 
  • When to quit, is it time to quit your job? 
  • Have you remained at a job you didn’t like? 

Throughout my career I have stayed at a job I wanted to leave a couple of times. Years later, I see and understand the factors which make us stay at jobs we don’t like or enjoy: 

  • The money, financial insecurities and worries
  • Not being sure of what we really want
  • Self-esteem issues, all of them related to fears of different types. Because Fear KILLS MORE dreams than failure EVER will.

Realizing when to walk away from a job is actually challenging. I wish I had that extra knowledge to analyze the signs and to recognize when it’s time to move on and quit. That is also a reason why I want to share these 15 key signs that you should quit your job.

1. You Have Absolutely No Interest In The Work You’re Doing:
There’s nothing more draining than a job that has nothing to do with your ultimate goals or personal interest. Regardless of what you’re being paid. You’ll never fully enjoy your life or reach full potential, If you’re saddled with so much apathy, it will eventually spill into other areas of your life in them those as well.
2. Your Job Is Too Challenging:

What being challenged at work and allow you on your skill sets and grow facing constant, overly challenging work can wear you down. Not to mention cause stress. You may not have received the training necessary to complete these challenging job duties, or perhaps he didn’t realize how rigorous they were. If that’s the case, it may be time to have a discussion with your manager to figure out how you can accomplish these tasks without constantly being overwhelmed.

3.You Worry About Money All The Time:

It’s true that most of us worry about money from time to time, but if this worry is constantly on your mind, and it’s not because you’re a shopaholic, that maybe you’re not getting paid enough, if you’ve been at your current company long enough, request to speak to management about this, make sure your argument as to why you should be paid more is well-prepared and appropriate for your situation,then  ask for an evaluation. If the company doesn’t agree that you deserve pay that’s consistent with your workload then it might be time to find a company that doesn’t make you feel like they’re doing you a favor by paying you.

4.You Dread Going To Work In The Morning: 

We all get a case of the Mondays from time to time but when your alarm goes off and you feel compelled to start sobbing into your pillow, it seriously time to rethink your job, dig deep and look at what’s really bothering you. Is it a specific task you have to accomplish? is that the people you work with or are you just bored by the monotony, getting specific about your dread will help you figure out what to do, whether it be discussing a new opportunity with your boss or deciding to leave your job entirely for opportunities elsewhere. Don’t keep telling yourself you’re having a bad week. If what you really have is a job that’s about fit.

5.There’s No Room For Advancement: 

It’s easy to get stuck in a job and if you love what you’re doing, getting stuck can be comfortable. However, it’s important to remember that every job should enhance your skills and add to your value as an employee. If you’re not learning anything new in your just puttering around doing the same old thing. While people around you get promotions and preferable assignments. It’s time to look elsewhere.

6. You’re Bored All The Time:

If you’re no longer challenged in your position and have tried communicating with your boss to no avail. This may be a sign that it’s time to leave. Although boredom is a very standard feeling, researchers believe prolonged feelings of boredom while at work or warning sign that you are not doing what you want to be doing and are searching for more meaning, if you’re spending most of your workday on the Internet shopping or playing games or if you’re checking the time. Frequently these are key indicators.

7. There Is Obvious Instability:

This might not be a reason to quit in and of itself, so much as it is a reason to keep your options open. Instability is often an opportunity for promotion, but don’t be fooled. These can be empty promotions as they are often granted due to cutbacks. If your company is regularly laying off employees. It’s clearly in a downward spiral that will eventually catch you in its downfall. So either consider quitting your job now, or have an exit plan in place for when the inevitable happens.

8 Your Side Hustle Is Taking Off:

By having a side hustle you are exploring another avenue, and by doing so you have an opportunity to stumble upon something that could turn out to be very lucrative, if your side hustle is pulling in decent money or, more importantly, the time spent working is far more enjoyable than the hours you spend that your full-time gig working for someone else. It’s probably time to quit your job, and pursue that side hustle full on. 

9. Your Gut Is Telling You It’s Time To Go:

Sometimes it’s not about company stability, professional goals or work culture but about something else that is more intangible,The feeling that where you are is not where you are meant to be, It often takes us years sometimes even decades before we get clarity about what we were truly meant to do but once that feeling hits you can’t ignore it. Your gut is more than just a feeling it’s often the reaction to an emotional response. So when this happens, take some time to pay attention to what’s going on inside your head if your gut is telling you it’s time to go. 

You should probably listen, you know what’s scarier than leaving your job, staying, you spent so much of your life at work. Why not make sure you’re getting the best experience possible out of your job obviously don’t quit if a couple of these issues occur for a short period of time, but if they continue for months on end. It may be time to walk. However, if you do decide to leave. Be smart about it, don’t burn bridges by venting about all the reasons you’re leaving that accomplishes nothing and could even haunt you later. Instead, simply explain that you’re leaving to pursue another opportunity and then do so graciously. 

10.Even Little Things Feel Overwhelming: 

The physical, emotional or mental exhaustion from work can manifest in a number of ways, in a major sign of job burnout is that you’re no longer able to handle even little setbacks, stress at work is inevitable, but every moment shouldn’t feel so completely overwhelming that you just can’t deal with it. If you get upset about every little thing that’s happening at work and maybe a sign that it’s time to move on.

11. Your Health Is Suffering: 

Sometimes work starts to interfere with your health. Take it as a serious sign. If you find your job mentally, emotionally and physically draining, and you just can’t wait to leave at the end of each day. You may also have started to miss work, due to stress related issues, such as migraines, back pain for high blood pressure. Perhaps you notice that you’re catching more colds or feel sick or exhausted Frequently.

12. Your Work Life Balance Is Out Of Whack: 

Are you finding it impossible to have a healthy work life balance with your current job. If you’re feeling that you’re consistently shortchanging family and loved ones, personal interests, exercise and healthy eating,. Because of your job. It’s a clear signal that something’s wrong.

13. You Started Badmouthing Your Boss Or Coworkers:

While everyone occasionally complains to their friends or family about work ,if you started to badmouth your boss on a regular basis or can’t stand any of your coworkers and talk about them behind their back’s it’s probably time to move on, this kind of behavior indicates a deep resentment for your work environment, and it’s only going to get worse, stop badmouthing them right away and instead put that energy toward your new job search.

14. You Can No Longer Support Your Company’s Ethics Or Mission:

Now that you seen the behind the scenes intricacies of your organization , maybe you realize that the way they do business does not align with your morals, you like the paycheck but feel a little gross accepting money from an employer that is not ethical, If this is how you feel, Get out now find a place that you can stand behind 100%, your work will be more meaningful to you and you will have to feel guilty about associating your name with the shady business.

15. The Daily Commute Is Your Only Social Life:

commuting to work is no fun, that’s for sure. But is it impacting your life. If talking to a stranger on the bus or train each morning is your only social life, you may want to rethink your priorities. The truth of the matter is that getting to and from your workplace can eat into your free time, meaning that you have hardly any time to unwind and relax. Perhaps it’s time to start looking for employment that is a little closer to home, or even better, something that can be done remotely.

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9 Simple Yet Powerful Ways To Make A Guy Miss You

To Make A Guy Miss You

4 Simple Yet Powerful Ways To Make A Guy Miss You

To Make A Guy Miss You

In this article you will learn how to make a man think about you constantly. Four things that you can do right now that will keep him thinking about you and creating you all the time.The psychologically based tips that I’m going to share with you working in four ways to keep your man thinking about you constantly. First when you use these tips with the man, you’re going to be triggering a powerful combination of neurotransmitters in his brain that makes me feel an amazing vibe that he can’t get enough her, second this powerful brain cocktail is going to be associated with you and he will feel incredibly attracted to you.

And lastly using these tips you’re going to demonstrate the fact that you are an amazing high-value woman that he wants in his life. And when those things happen. He won’t be able to get you off his mind. Now I’m going to more detail here and explain what to do step-by-step, so be sure you get all of these tips because they work best when they’re using combination.

1 . Control The Dopamine Reward Loop: you’re probably familiar with dopamine. It’s the neurotransmitter that’s made in the brain involved in neurological and physiological functioning. Dopamine is known as the feel-good neurotransmitter because it strongly associated with feelings of pleasure and reward and positive mood, Dopamine is powerful and it’s the biggest reason why people develop addictions to drugs, gambling, and even sex. And that’s because drug users and other vices release massive amounts of dopamine in the nucleus accumbens area of the brain, which leads to experiencing euphoria, intense pleasure, arousal, motivation, and happiness. but Because dopamine is metabolized so quickly, those great feelings are short-lived and you are soon wanting more and more, causing you to return to the original source. This is known as the dopamine reward loop and of course when you’ve experienced that dopamine reward loop you want to repeat it over and over.

Okay, so how is this related to dating. Well, when you are interacting with someone that you are attracted to your brain releases dopamine and that’s the start of the dopamine reward and that dopamine makes you feel great, but that feeling is short-lived, as the dopamine is quickly metabolized and decreases and then become motivated to seek more of that person’s attention and more more dopamine. The cycle then repeats itself. As you crave more dopamine to keep those amazing feelings going. That’s why, in the beginning when you really likes someone you feel like you just can’t get enough from them, but it also works in the reverse direction. In other words, if your brain is trigger to release more dopamine.

First, you will experience the same euphoric and feel good vibes and in return those amazing feelings become associated with the people or the experiences that you are involved with at the time. For example, if a man experiences a flood of dopamine in your presence. He feels those amazing feelings and then relate to those feelings to you that result in him being more attracted to you and he starts to desire you more as a result. So far so good right well this is where the game changes because I’m going to share how to interact with him, so that his dopamine levels skyrocket, and then not only will he feel pleasure, attraction, and happiness. He’s going to see you as the source of these amazing feelings and that keep him focused on you and thinking about you constantly.

This is how you make his dopamine skyrocket. You see dopamine levels are highest or your brain is flooded with dopamine when the combination of two things happen. The first is when you think about or anticipate the pleasurable experience or in the case of dating when you think about that person. and secondly, when there is a 50-50 chance that you will be able to have that pleasurable experience for see that person so that when there is uncertainty attached to having that desire to experience. There is a much greater expectation and a much larger dopamine production. That’s when dopamine is flooding your brain more than any other time. It’s knowing that maybe this experience will happen that is addictive like nothing else after.

This is exactly how casinos get people coming back. They provide that maybe they provide that uncertainty combined with the possibility of winning an extremely high reward which feels great and that’s the dopamine hit that keeps people hooked like a drug. Okay, so back to dating. When you are able to influence his dopamine reward loop when you’re able to control that dopamine faucet your man will want you and crave you like nothing else. So how do you do it? well. The best way that I can explain this is by having you imagine an example. You need an attractive and successful man that showing interest in you. He’s someone that you’re really excited about getting to know and you spend time with him and it feels wonderful. You have this amazing chemistry and attraction and you know he feels it too, exploit neither of you want your time together to end.

But at the end of the date he gives you this incredible embrace and it tells you that he wants to see you again soon, but he doesn’t say when ,he doesn’t say he will text you or call you. He simply says thank you for great night. Let’s do this again soon and you part ways. So now how do you feel, what’s going through your mind, . Is it excitement or happiness or anticipation while you’re anything like me you probably find yourself thinking about him a lot, that’s dopamine you find yourself with playing things that happened on the date in the things that you talked about. That’s also dopamine and you catch yourself daydreaming about him and you crave that amazing experience again, and most importantly, you wonder if or when you will hear from him again and then uncertainty makes you crazy, dopamine, and that’s what get you hooked. Okay, so the date is over and you go home feeling excited and happy but you probably also spend a lot of time trying to anticipate if or when you will hear from him. That’s anticipation that will likely grow until you hear from him again.

So the next morning you wake up and you check your phone and you see that he still hasn’t sent you a text message that makes the anticipation built and you start to analyze every detail and try to convince yourself that it was a great date and this goes on for much of the day you have flashback memories you think about him and you question if or when he will reach out and that’s not such a great feeling and then finally you hear that distinct alert of a new text message you eagerly look at your phone and you see that it’s a message from him.

You have an instant excitement and an instant dopamine hit so you open it you see that he says he had a great time and he says let’s get together again in the next few days and at that moment, you feel relieved ,you feel happy and you for it feels amazing and you respond immediately and you let him know that you would love to see him again and then you sit back and wait for his response, and if he responds back quickly and you were able to confirm a time of the day, then your excitement and wills as were anticipate the next date but if he doesn’t respond properly or confirm plans with you. You are euphoric feeling is short-lived in your back to that anticipation. And this is your dopamine reward loop being activated not often times this texting exchange will blossom into a texting conversation and you go back and forth texting one another and it feels exciting and fun. 

You start to think that you really getting to know one another and you feel good that your stay connected to him, but this is also where so many people get in trouble, please start to get into this back and forth texting dialogue when they find themselves thinking about it, anticipating his next text like an addiction. You start waiting for that next to it which is completely satisfied because it assures you that he’s thinking about you also short-lived in that feel good hit of dopamine. It fades away as soon as you respond because then you waiting for his next text and your left wanting more and then when you don’t immediately get more you start to come down and feel uneasy and unsatisfied until you get another text message again, this up-and-down anticipatory anxiety doesn’t feel so good. That’s why you must take control of that texting dopamine loop and when you do, you can alleviate much of your anticipation anxiety while also keeping him in that same dopamine loop.

2. Do Not Use Texting As A Means Of Getting To Know Him: I know that texting has become the preferred method of communication for dating but texting is not a great means of getting to know another person because texting will never be a substitute for in person or for telephone communication especially when you’re trying to get to know someone there just too many opportunities for things to be misconstrued or misunderstood, and I know it can be fun and exciting, but it’s also a dangerous practice. I understand the excitement you feel when you really like someone and I understand that texting can make you feel like you’re staying connected and it reminds you that he’s thinking of you. But if you’re too enthusiastic also to seem too eager, your value in the attraction that he feels toward you might decline too much texting could result in him getting too much satisfaction or validation and that he no longer gets the same dopamine reward.

When he sees her text message because he feels like he already won your heart and at the same time you’re stuck in that same dopamine texting loop, so that’s why it’s important to avoid that trap don’t use texting to try staying connected to a stranger is that the best way to get to know him is by spending time in communicating with him face-to-face. And if that can’t happen because we are in a pandemic than the next best option is video calling, followed by telephone call. Not texting ,texting is best suited for exchanging little bits of information in between dates I want you to try keeping the texting to a minimum and use it as a means of setting up date or as a means of setting up phone conversations.

Trust me when you don’t engage in this back and forth texting in the beginning it forces him to make plans with you and call you,so  when he starts trying to engage in communicating and getting to know you by text messages you need to let him know that texting is not your preferred method of communicating. Instead you prefer talking on the phone or meeting in person, but of course even after you tell him that he’s probably going to continue trying to text you and engage in deeper conversations via text because if he really likes you. He’s also finding himself in that dopamine loop, but instead of giving him that instant dopamine hit that is looking for when he tries to communicate or continue engaging in deep conversations via text, then you do number three. 

3. Vary The Amount Of Time It Takes You To Respond To His Text Messages: When you do that, then you are controlling his dopamine loop. But wait, wait, Antonio, that sounds like you play a game or manipulating. I want to do that yes I totally agree with you I don’t like that either. That’s why you should continue to suggest not using texting as a method of getting to know him. But as I said he is going to continue trying to do that in which case I don’t want you to be sucked into that dopamine reward loop instead. When he text you sometimes will respond within seconds, sometimes within minutes, sometimes within hours and sometimes you might even forget to respond and when you do that he’s going to keep checking his phone to see if you responded and that means he’s also going to be thinking of you constantly and when you do respond.

He’s going to be excited to read it and is going to get ahead of dopamine as part of that reward and that just reinforces his behavior and his motivation for you even more. And don’t think for a minute that he’s going to lose interest. That’s just her fear and insecurity talking if you vary your response time he will only be more interested and more excited because you are controlling his dopamine supply. So vary the weight at which you respond and try to make it as random as possible. 

4. Prioritize Your Life And Don’t Always Be Available For Him: Men are attracted to women who have a full life, not to woman who come up as needy and clingy and if you have a full and busy life you cannot always be available when he is, especially if he is texting with last minute plans. He cannot think that you will drop everything, or change your plans for his last minute request. This goes a long way towards trapping him to see with a high-value woman with an exciting life. And when you do that he’s going to want to be part of that. Now I’m not saying that you should make time for him. I’m simply saying that he should plan and schedule dates with you ahead of time. Look, I understand that this isn’t always easy to do especially when you’re excited about someone that’s when you want to spend as much time with them as possible. 

But as I said earlier that’s part of the dopamine reward loop and feeling like you just can’t get enough. So instead of falling into that loop, you must make sure that you are keeping up with the life that you had prior to meeting him. You can’t stop doing the things that you were doing before you met him and believe me, when you prioritize your life. He’s going to take notice and your value in his eyes will go way up. As will the challenge that we will be wanting you more than ever. So don’t jump in with both feet and see him as much as he wants leave him wanting more and craving more. Trust me, this works like magic. now If you know anyone who finds themselves trapped in this dopamine texting loop. Please share this article with them. You could be saving them a ton of grief and anxiety help them to develop a stronger relationship.

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9 Small Habits That Reveal A Lot About Your Personality

reveal a lot about your personality

9 Small Habits That Reveal A Lot About Your Personality

reveal a lot about your personality

9 small habits that reveal your true personality. There are number of small habits you practice every day without ever giving them a second thought. And even though you don’t consciously think about how you pick up your bag, place the toilet paper roll or write emails little actions can be very revealing, these seemingly insignificant actions actually carry a lot of weight, based on expert opinion in psychological research. They can provide meaningful insight into your emotions, your personality traits and the way you approach life in general. Who knew something so small could be so deep. Let’s find out what your little habits might reveal about you.

1. The Way You Carry A Bag: even the way you carry your bag can reveal your personality. According to body language experts. For example, if you were a backpack you’re probably the independent type someone who wears a bag with the strap across the body prioritizes protection and practicality while allowing a back to rest behind you shows that you are relaxed and confident. If you carry a bag in your hand, you’re probably assertive, organized and efficient. Oh in high maintenance people prioritize social status tend to carry their bags in the crook of the arms . 

2. Your Eating Habits: behavior experts and psychologists agree that your eating habits can divulge a lot of information about your personality. For example, if you eat slowly, you’re more likely to be confident, compose and in control. If you tend to shovel food in your mouth any quickly you’re more likely to be hot headed on the flipside you’re probably also goal oriented and ambitious adventurous leaders tend to be pushy or curious risktakers, while picky eaters are known to be anxious or neurotic and pay attention to the finer details, if you like to keep your food separate. You’re probably cautious and stubborn.

3. Your Selfie Style: social media can reveal a lot about a person and how you take selfies says more than you think. Research found that those with an agreeable nature tend to take selfies from a lower angle. Those who reveal less of the background of the conscientious types. If you often pull selfies with positive energy like a big smile or laughter, you’re probably open to new experiences while the classic duck lips reveal neurotic tendencies.

4. Your Handwriting :Graphologists,  the experts who study handwriting can predict personality pretty accurately based on the characteristics and patterns of your handwriting. Large letters indicate someone who is social and seeks attention. Small letters are more often written by focused introverted types writing that slants to the right shows that someone is friendly and sentimental but also impulsive. In contrast, a leftward slant indicates that the person is independent and reserved if there is no slant at all. The individual is most likely logical and realistic. If you write with heavy pressure. You probably experienced strong feelings and react quickly in emotional situations. On the other hand, light pressure, reveals that you are easy-going and empathetic, but may lack energy finally rounded letters show  creative artistic personality. While sharp letters indicate a curious, intelligent, aggressive and often intense nature.

5. The Way You Wash Your Body: This may have never crossed your mind with the order in which you wash your body parts can expose your personality. According to studies those who wash their feet first tend to make terrible partners give up when presented with a difficult situation there often unable to think outside the box or challenge themselves, no matter how badly they want to. If you start with your shoulders. You’re probably a loner who cares a lot about power and money, and if you scrub your chest first, you’re most likely is straightforward and rational person. Those who start with their armpits tend to be strong and hard-working people who depend on others when they need to. Who knew some sets can be so revealing.

6. Shopping Habits: that might surprise you to know that your shopping habits can be just as revealing as your eating habits. In general there are two kinds of shoppers. Those who prefer lists and those who shop more spontaneously. If you like lists you’re more likely practical and budget conscious as well as meticulous. If you tend to buy things because there in front of you are probably impulsive by nature and window shopping could be dangerous, when you shop much information you need before you buy something, if you like to read all the labels you might be detail oriented and a bit obsessive.

7. The Way Place The Toilet Paper Roll: Everyone can be grouped into one of two categories, those who put the toilet paper roll over and those who put it under it might seem overgeneralized or incredibly insignificant at first, the research says otherwise. People who prefer the toilet paper over tend to be more dominant, while those who prefer under tend to be more submissive and that goes for both personal and professional relationships.

8. Nervous Tics: body focused repetitive behaviors like biting your nails or picking at your skin also reveal a lot about you. Studies show that these nervous tics tend to occur in people who feel frustrated, bored or even relaxed, those who engage in repetitive behaviors like hair tugging or foot tapping are likely perfectionists were subconsciously trying to suit their dissatisfaction. These behaviors are usually comforting for those who feel bored or irritated.

9. How Punctual You Are: are you someone who tends to arrive last minute or late to everything, your tardiness can signal that your laid-back person, lack confidence in that your unreliable, do you like to be early for everything, then you might be a bit neurotic, if need to know all the details and be able to account for any obstacle, you’re probably the nervous type, right in the sweet spot. You’ll find those who arrive on time. They are neither anxious nor careless, intent to feel comfortable in almost any situation. Punctual individuals are often well prepared and open to challenges, keep in mind that these personality indicators aren’t always 100% accurate. These are general findings and may not apply to you specifically are meant to be a starting point to analyze and reflect on your habits and tendencies. After all, no one knows you better than you.

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5 Habits That Will Help You Build Mental Strength

Habits That Will Help You Build Mental Strength

5 Habits That Will Help You Build Mental Strength

Habits That Will Help You Build Mental Strength

Whether you like to have more discipline in your life, or you’d like to be able to make good decisions under stress, the ability to be mentally tough and withstand the hardships of life is one of the most valuable skills you can learn, without it ,you go through life like a puppet, strung along by your circumstances, with no control over how you react to them, constantly jerked around by what happens to you, ends up not jerked in the way you’re thinking of Navy SEALs, athletes, CEOs and other high-level performers are at the top of their field because of this very skill. So it’s time for you to learn 

1. Find Out What You Want To Do And Chase It With Everything You’ve Got: the easiest way to be mentally fragile, is to do something you don’t like it put you in a defensive and reactive mindset instead of an active offense of mindset, mental toughness is about being on the offensive. Even when you don’t have control over a situation, your reaction to a situation is your offense reacting negatively or acting as though you have no control over how you respond isn’t even defensive. It’s letting life hit you from behind with no Vaseline and no warning.  people who hate their job and are unsatisfied with what they’re doing in life are among the most mentally fragile they can’t make decisions for themselves that are used to doing what they don’t want and they are used to doing things for other people.

They live passively letting other people and circumstances, be in the driver seat. How you do one thing is how you do anything if you’re not on the offensive in your life, your training your mind to live passively and I don’t know about you but I’m in the driver seat of my life like a Ferrari F1 driver. The people who are the most mentally tough are the ones who are doing what they actually want to be doing. They found their own path and are walking it there not doing anything for the approval of other people or because they don’t want to disappoint others they’re doing it for themselves doing what you truly want to do and becoming the best version of yourself is actually the best way to be helpful to other people because when you are the best you, you can give that to others. 

2. Focus On Your Response, Not Circumstance: You don’t get to control what happens to you. You only get to control how you respond to it that’s going to happen to you. It’s a guarantee, how you gonna respond to it. That is what matters. When things go bad. Are you going to be the person that people can rely on, or are you going to be relying on others i am going to tell you something that 99% of the population doesn’t understand. You can only ever rely on yourself. So the ability to make the right decisions under pressure is not only practical but necessary, if you want the things to go your way to harness the ability to be calm under pressure, and the only way to do that is to be radically focused on how you respond to the things around you. If you focus too much on the things themselves, you’ll wrap yourself up in self-pity, anxiety and worry how do you think your life will be then.

3. Never Forget The Big Picture:Most of what’s bothering you today won’t matter in one week, one month, one year or one decade. If you’re reading this your certainly on the younger side, and likely to have more than half your life left to go. Don’t let whatever bad thing that is going on today let you forget about how much more life you have the live and how temporary this current moment is human mind is no different than your caveman ancestors. Your mind is focused on its survival. In the present moment. This is why you feel anxious, worried, and in your head about negative things that happen in day-to-day life. Your mind wants instant relief. Right now it’s trying to protect you negative feelings protect you from danger from emotional discomfort and a slew of other threats acknowledge what your mind is trying to do, be grateful that your mind is working normally and trying to protect you but then you must acknowledge your path.

where you going? where you want to be in your life? what decisions do you need to make right now to get there. Are these temporary negative feelings going to be enough to hold you back from your mission. All of this same evolutionary chemistry going on in your brain also applies to pleasure as well. Nobody wants to maximize for pleasure. In the present moment want your short-term needs met immediately without your short-term security and pleasure. You won’t make it into the long term. You have to balance this caveman hardwiring and balance it with your long-term goals. Now that doesn’t mean you should become a robot, who was only about 24 X 7 work nonstop because life is short man, you can die at any moment, you don’t want to delay all the fun until you’re 40 years old, but you need to have a healthy balance of working on your long-term goals still having fun in the short term. Only you know what the best decisions are for you. I can’t make those decisions for you. Nobody can. This is what I’m trying to say it’s up to you to take responsibility for your own life,once you do that you’ll be free forever. 

4. Conviction: Once you make a decision stand your ground. Don’t backpedal or change your decisions under pressure. This is a sign of low confidence, it means you’re not secure in your decision-making ability and when your decisions are put under the spotlight by other people. You quickly change to fit in all of your decisions should be carefully thought out and given the proper time and diligence to make sure you’re always doing the right thing you should stick to what you want and not fold under pressure of what other people want from you. Disclaimer. This doesn’t mean you’re not open to discussion, or having your mind changed.Here i’ll explain why he did what he did or why he thinks what he thinks you will also be open to feedback and other people’s reasoning. If others reason well don’t change his mind in the face of new better information, but he’ll never change his mind because of peer pressure, which brings me to my final point.

5. Remove Your Ego From The Equation: it’s easy to confuse being mentally tough with being stubborn dismissive of other people or even downright arrogant. It’s exactly the opposite being mentally tough means that your humble enough to listen to other people’s perspectives and be radically open to change. Brightness comes from change changing yourself over time. Changing how you do things and changing what you do, other people and their suggestions are a big part of making these profound changes thinking you know everything in your some sort of special breed of person will only harm you in the long run it’ll make you overconfident and arrogant. Not to mention you’ll be a huge deuce bag that nobody will want to be around. Trust me, I’ve had the lightning strike a few knuckleheads like that here in Mount Olympus. Most importantly, guys with big egos are usually using their egos a way to avoid change they want to avoid facing their insecurities, avoid being vulnerable and avoid the idea that other people might be right.

Being mentally tough also means being mentally malleable. changing the way you operate, being vulnerable and honest when you need help from others, being humble enough to admit when you don’t know something. This is one of the most mentally tough things you can do. It’s uncomfortable to change to admit your flaws and insecurities to open up to people to show vulnerability to other people, but it’s one of the most mentally tough things a person can do. The reason you feel discomfort when doing these things is because it’s painful to change your perceived sense of identity, but sooner or later, your sense of identity no longer serves you, and it even starts to harm you, you must bear those negative feelings because it’ll make you a stronger better person in the long run and at the end of the day we are all just actually wait. 

You are all just a bunch of mortals on one of my many planets were all insignificant. I mean, you’re all insignificant anyways, oh it’s this egotistical deuce bag again. Time to get rid of you to see that even a guy like me has to get rid of his ego sometimes so we can move on with a better life. What I’m trying to say is don’t hold on too tidy to your ego or sense of identity because more often than not it’s the thing that’s holding you back and there’s nothing more mentally weak than being resistant to change, you gotta be able to move on. Speaking of which, time to move on from this article and go into the world with your new sense of mental toughness. So, in summary, focus on your response, not circumstance. Never forget the big picture. Find what you want to do and chase it with everything you got, conviction, remove your ego from the equation.

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11 Magnetic Personality Traits To Attract Others To You

Magnetic Personality Traits

11 Magnetic Personality Traits To Attract Others To You

Magnetic Personality Traits

1. Healthy Optimism: Magnetic people tend to have a healthy dose of optimism ,in their positive attitude is never misplaced. They are always able to see the bright side of any situation. But their upbeat approach never invalidates the feelings of others, especially during difficult times. People with magnetism are never overoptimistic or dismissive when it comes to the classic glass half-full trope. They couldn’t care less about how much they have. It’s the quality of what’s in their glass that matters.

2. Authenticity: It’s hard to be compelling when you’re putting on an act. That’s why magnetic people never pretend to be someone they’re not. If they seem interested, excited or even annoyed. It’s because those are their true emotions. People with magnetic personalities are always true to who they are, so you don’t need to worry about any ulterior motives. Furthermore the authenticity of these people serves as an example for others to follow and their influence is greatly valued.

3. Well Spoken And Articulate: whether they need to comfort a friend motivate a colleague or share their emotions, magnetic people aware of what needs to be said and how their tone could change everything. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they left public speaking, and there are plenty of people with speech impediments to possess magnetic personalities too, when a magnetic person struggles with something they often use it to their advantage, since it helps others perceive them as more relatable or approachable. They are perfect but they always seem to know just what to say and how to say it.

4. Sense Of Humor: People who possess magnetic personalities are funny. Their humor is never at anyone’s expense, including their own self-deprecation, cruel criticism and poking fun at others faults are types of humor that push others away so magnetic People don’t even get close to those kinds of jokes. Instead they are bright and charismatic nature puts people at ease and creates connections through laughter.

5. Free Imagination: Those who possess charismatic magnetism tend to be creative thinkers too, apart of what makes these people so magnetic is their ability to see things from different perspectives. This helps them work through every possible solution to a problem. It also helps them collaborate well with others and understand new ideas having a free imagination also means that they don’t censor their ideas or worry about their contributions being good enough. This perspective avoids judgment and enables them to acknowledge others input without criticism.

6. Well Versed And Knowledgeable: those with magnetic personalities have growth mindsets and their hunger for knowledge often involves information regarding people know that’s not a fancy way of saying gossip. It means they like to learn about the details, strategies and even histories that affect others. This can mean getting to know someone better learning about sociology, reading about current events, and even practicing more meaningful engagement with others and whatever they learn that knowledge is definitely put to good use.

7. Thoughtful And Considerate: magnetic people care about the well-being of others. Much of their traction comes from their thoughtful behavior toward people. They genuinely want to have a positive impact on the lives of others from colleagues to family members, Such a person cannot tolerate a toxic environment so they’ll do everything in their power to make it nurturing instead and if they slip up in their nearly unfaltering kindness, apologies, and amends are not far behind.

8. Inspires Others: it’s probably not a surprise that magnetic people are also inspirational. Not only do they serve as a role model for healthy attitudes and behaviors, but these people also actively inspire others to be better. They offer encouragement, motivation and support to anyone who needs it. While never forcing anything on to people who don’t want it, magnetic individuals believe that everyone has good in them and that everyone can do better and these beliefs are contagious.

9. Natural Curiosity: If you were alone with the magnetic person you would feel like the most interesting person in the world and not because you are being tricked with fake interest. Those with attractive personalities possess a natural curiosity that gives them a genuine interest in people, stories, experiences, passions and knowledge and they freely give that interest to you and everyone they meet their interest also helps them remember details about what they’ve learned, including many names and faces.

10. Sincere And Honest: allies like poison, it can kill a relationship and magnetic people know this. That’s why they avoid lies like the play, no matter the length or depth of relationship they are always honest and sincere. These people would never dream of hurting someone with a lie. Which is why they’re always upfront about their intentions, values and beliefs as sincere people. They never hide their true feelings. So if you ask them what’s on their mind. Expect an honest answer, even if it’s not pretty. That’s not to say that magnetic people with our hearts on their sleeves just because they don’t lie, doesn’t mean they share everything.

11. Strong Self-confidence: magnetic people have a strong sense of self-confidence. They don’t rely on external validation. And they definitely don’t like criticism, scrutiny, or even hateful comments impact their self-esteem. People with magnetic personalities hold their own. By knowing their true worth and refusing to spend energy on those who don’t recognize their intrinsic value for these people, failure and rejection are not things to be feared, but rather necessary evils on the way to success their happy to receive feedback from colleagues, friends, partners or the universe and they use that information to grow.

Having a magnetic personality is in about looks, abilities or noise. It’s about who you are, deep down, and how that makes other people feel and it isn’t a gift that you either have or don’t have. It’s something you can work on and improve if you nurture these magnetic traits people will naturally begin to gravitate toward you. And when others feel good in your presence. They look forward to seeing you and they enjoy spending time with you. After all, people may forget what you did what you said they will always remember how you made them feel. 

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How To Stand Up For Yourself In A Calm & Effective Way

Proven Ways to Stand Up for Yourself

How To Stand Up For Yourself In A Calm & Effective Way

Proven Ways to Stand Up for Yourself

9 Ways to stand up for yourself in any situation, at every moment of the day we have the power to make decisions that either assert ideas or keep us quiet because we hesitate about voicing our desires allowed. Sometimes you might choose to do the latter just to avoid an argument, however, but always going with the flow and never taking a stand for yourself will only diminish your self-worth and feed into your insecurities if you want to feel empowered to take charge of your life you need to learn to stand up for yourself by practicing the following simple yet powerful steps you’ll be able to take a stand in any situation.

1. You Don’t Have To Apologize: when you stand up for yourself.you might feeling and a pressure to apologize as if you are overstepping a boundary, but you should know that you are never doing the wrong thing and prioritizing your happiness and well-being. Instead of pulling an excuse out of your pocket. You can empower your assertions with a short yes or no. Sometimes a simple answer is all that’s needed. If you feel like someone expects to offer reason, give them a few moments of silence, it will fully convey your intention and the most likely turn the conversation in another direction or end it right there.

2. Practice Makes Perfect: once you get better at being assertive you want to start asking for what you want. More often when someone says something you don’t agree with or forces you to do something you don’t want to do. That’s your queue to voice your concerns and it’s important to maintain your new assertive attitude for at least two months since it takes about that long to make a new habit stick.

3. Recognize That No One Can Invalidate You: You are in total control of how you feel and how you act because all of your emotions and thoughts belong to you should let anyone manipulate or invalidate you at the same time. If you ever feel tempted to validate someone. Be sure to take a step back and respect their point of view, that’s the only way you can have a productive discussion with someone, learning to stand up for yourself will take some time, though it may be hard at first, try putting yourself in the shoes of an actor who’s learning to play a new role.

Once you’re in that mindset. Try to picture the most confident version of yourself and how you would confront challenging situations. Perhaps you might go back and forth from being too indecisive to being too combative in any situation where you try to manage her thoughts and feelings. You have to strike the right balance with enough practice standing up for yourself will come more naturally than you realize.

4. Clarify First Without Attacking: it can be super tempting to blow up at someone who you believe is clearly in the wrong to you. It might even be justifiable to defend yourself because you’re in the right. That said, you have to make sure that you don’t let your emotions take over cloud your rational judgment instead of losing your cool. Take a moment to breathe deeply and calmly explain your point of view to your best to avoid passive aggressiveness and harsh words as soon as you say what’s on your mind you have to listen and let the other person speak without interrupting. That’s how meaningful discussion can take place.

5. Figure Out What’s Really Bothering You: You might think that avoiding a potential conflict can diffuse the tension, but it only serves to increase your levels of stress and worry even though it takes lots of guts and bravery to confront whatever is bothering you. Doing so will enable you to improve the situation and minimize the control that has over you. Remember that people cannot read your mind. So unless you say something, they may never realize what’s making you uncomfortable. 

6. Take Small But Powerful Steps: Sometimes it can be scary to put yourself out there and be assertive, but by starting with small steps you can get there. A great way to begin is to try walking with more confidence. Hold your head high and pull your shoulders back. Not only will you look more confident you will feel that way to this feeling can quickly translate all areas of your life. Next time someone really cuts in front of you while you’re waiting in line instead of ignoring it. You’ll feel more confident to politely ask them to move to the back of the line.

7. Practice Being Transparent And Authentic: Isn’t it tiring when you always have to put on a fake smile and hold back what you truly want to say. Instead, try being honest though it can be challenging at times, it will lift a ton of pressure off your shoulders by being open about whatever’s on your mind. You’ll slowly become a more authentic person someone people will want to listen to also try to build balance into your habits by not being too combative or too submissive. That way your ideas will resonate a lot better with others.

8. Stand Up For Your Time: All the resources in the world. Time is perhaps the most valuable. But it’s all too easy to sacrifice it whenever you feel too scared to say no, of course, you can’t avoid giving up time in every situation. If you’ve got an important assignment due on a specific date you should probably get that done beyond all necessary obligations, though, you should have total control over how you spend your days. Don’t let anyone else dictate how you should live your life if you ever need to modify your schedule or avoid certain situations, you should stand up for your time.

9. Be Deliberate: Have you ever had to deal with the messy person, whether that be your old college roommate or sloppy sibling no matter who it is sharing space with someone like that can be exhausting and gross. If you’ve never really been assertive. You might remember how you got increasingly annoyed while trying to keep quiet at the same time. Perhaps you might have even been passive-aggressive by either cleaning up after this person with bitterness or making slight jobs at them here and there to take care of a problem like this,it  might be wonders to be deliberate instead. That means you should directly tell the person how you’re feeling in a polite manner, the more straightforward you can be the better the person will understand the trouble they been causing you and the more willing they’ll be to make changes.

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