How To Answer ”Why Should We Hire You?” Experienced Or Non Experienced Candidate

Why Should I Hire You

More and more employers are asking, “why should we hire you?” 

And it can be an intimidating question if you’re not ready for it!

Let’s get started…

Why Should We Hire You? (For Experienced Candidate)

I believe you should hire me for the three main reasons.

The first reason is, I believe I have the skills, the qualities on the experience, that are a match for the job description and the person specification, now i believe that’s important because I can then come into your organization and your team start contributing in a positive manner and make a difference quickly, so I need little supervision by the experience to come in, to do a job properly, start contributing to the team goals.

The second reason is I’m a very positive and enthusiastic and motivated person and have researched your organization. I believe you to have ambitious plans for the future and you are highly enthusiastic about what the future lies, and I believe that being able to come into your organization, work with you on your different projects and tasks. I will be able to help you achieve your commercial and financial goals.

The final reason is I will be a positive role model for your company. When dealing with clients, I will be great when working as part of the team. I’m somebody who is very loyal and very honest, and I will always act with high degrees of integrity and those are the three reasons why I believe you should hire me. 

Before I give you the exact scripts to use when answering this tough interview question. Here are 3 really important tips. 

Tip #1 This is your opportunity to sell yourself at the interview, so you need to be positive in your onset and also remember to talk about how you will benefits their company, this is not about you getting the job, this is about then hiring the right person, So when they say to you, why should we hire you?  Always be positive but focus on how you will benefit that company. 

Tip#2 All the other candidates will give just one reason why the company should hire them but you’re going to be different, you are going to give three reasons, because this enables you to stand out from the competition. 

Tip #3 Three really good reasons to give why they should hire you? are as follows.

  • The fact that you have the skills, the qualities of the experience to match the job description. 
  • How you are going to get up and running in the role quickly. 
  • How you will always be a positive role model for that company. 
Why Should We Hire You? (If You Have No Job Experience)

So let me now give you a brilliant onset to use when answering the interview question. Why should we hire you? And then I will give you another onset for those people who are reading that have no previous work experience

So here is my first onset to the interview question. Why should we hire you? 

You should hire me for three main reasons.  

Reason #1. I have the skills, the qualities and the experience that are a match for the job description now. This means I will be able to come into your organization to make an immediate positive difference. 

Reason #2. I will get up and running in the role quickly. This means you won’t need to spend your valuable time training me up for weeks on end. Once I am up and running in the role. I will need little supervision.

Reason #3. Why should you hire me? Is it because I will always be a positive role model for your company whilst dealing with your clients and your customers.

What if this is my first job and I have no experience. Let me give you 3 important tips for answering. Why should we hire you with no experience and I will then give you an example onset.

Tip #1 Use the fact that you have no experience to your advantage.If this is your first job, you are effectively a blank canvas and they can train you up and develop you into the perfect employee. 

Tip #2 Tell them you understand how important it is that you work hard, that you contribute to the team goals and that you focus on their business goals in all work you undertake for them. 

Tip #3 Explain how you have ambitious plans for the future, and the only way you will achieve your goals is to get a good employment history behind you. 

Why Should We Hire You? (No Experience And This Is Your First Job)

Reason #1. I believe you should hire me because I am effectively a blank canvas and I’m someone who is eager to learn with me, you will get to train me up into the perfect employee who is focused on helping you achieve your goals. 

Reason #2. I understand how important it is that I contribute to the team objectives and that I focus on helping you achieve your business goals in all work I undertake for you. 

Reason #3. I have ambitious plans for the future,and I know the only way I will achieve these goals is if I work hard and get a good employment history behind me.  

Thank you for reading. I wish you all the best for parsing your job interview. Have a brilliant day

10 Ways To Improve Your Personality And Communication Skills

enhance personality

Do you want to be more likeable and have a more attractive personality? Even if you are lucky in the looks department, there’s always room for self-improvement. That’s because when it comes to attraction, your personality is just as, if not more, important than your physical appearance.Charm and charisma may come naturally for some people, but if that’s not you, – anyone can learn to become more charismatic through self development. That’s because there are certain behaviors that attract people the most. If you want to become attractive, you need to learn important social skills and brush up on your communication skills.In this article, we have gathered some self improvement tips that you can start practicing right away. And as you focus on maintaining a more attractive personality, you’ll find that being charming and charismatic will become much easier over time.

1. Stay Positive: Gratitude is known to improve the overall well-being of individuals and it can also help you reinforce optimism when you’re with others. If you can find joy in the finer details of life you’ll become an asset, rather than await, negativity only works to bring you down. Complaining is unattractive and pessimism will drive others away. If you always complain and never do anything about it. You will appear helpless and weak positivity in a hopeful attitude are attractive traits that you can bring into your life. With a little bit of awareness.

2. Practice Composure Don’t Panic: Social situations can be stressful when your flight or flight response kicks in try your best to remain calm. Even if your heart is racing, or you want to scream. You can take a slow deep breath and continue this emotional intelligence and balance will take practice but if you can master composure. Others will respect and admire you, you can talk about your anxieties and concerns with certain people in your life but you shouldn’t emotionally dump on everyone or let your anger show the ability to make decisions with clarity is an admirable one, and others will find you more attractive for being able to keep it together under pressure.

3. Practice Your Conversation Skills: You might be an introvert someone who doesn’t love socializing, but that’s the only way to make new friends or grow closer to the ones you have. You don’t have to change who you are or stop taking time for yourself entirely, but you should make an effort to improve your social skills, positive open body language will make you seem more approachable and engaged. Make eye contact lean forward slightly while still respecting others’ personal space, smile, practice active listening, instead of simply waiting for your turn to talk pay attention to the ideas and emotions that others communicate with you.

Acknowledge what they have to say and don’t interrupt. Find common ground and striking up a conversation. Keep a list of icebreakers in your head to help with small talk instead of talking about the weather. Can you talk about books, movies or TV shows. Do you enjoy any local restaurants, ask questions, especially when the conversation seems to be dying down. Stay on track about something the other person has shown an interest in you can ask them about what they enjoy what they think about a certain topic. What they did recently, but always respect others personal space and privacy. You could be standing on the outside but if these conversation skills don’t come easily to you. You’ll struggle to achieve progress in your personal relationships and your career. 

4. Actively Seek Out Social Settings: If you’re more of an introvert. This one might seem even more difficult than the previous point, but if you actively avoid people they’ll notice you risk appearing disinterested in others, arrogant, rude and overall unattractive, so go out and practice those social skills. Again, don’t train yourself too much by going to parties every weekend joining a new book club and beginning a new relationship all at once strike a balance in your life between your precious alone time and the time you give to others. The key to this one is actively seeking. Don’t settle for interactions at the grocery store at work or at school. Look for opportunities and events to attend. Ask others out for coffee or if they would like some company. As with anything in life, the more you practice the better you will be.

5. Have No Doubt: a part of being confident is removing self-doubt. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t reflect on your decisions or admit your mistakes, it means that you shed the weight of worrying about whether you’re good enough removing doubt means being fully aware that you are smart enough capable enough, attractive enough. Trust your judgment, draw from your experiences and knowledge, take decisive actions, stand up for what needs to be done and then do it. These skills will foster your leadership skills which is a very attractive trait, Indeed.

6. Avoid Aggressive Behavior: Are you pushy or controlling. Do you consider yourself a perfectionist. Have you been told, you micromanage you get angry when things don’t go as planned. These traits are not attractive. There are times when you must be assertive, especially if you’re in a leadership position but there is a clear line between assertive and aggressive anger and the threat of violence are huge turnoffs personally and professionally conduct yourself in a manner that respects others if you exhibit freshness or forcefulness you’ll find others avoiding you or even resenting you. 

7. Lighten Up Some Light Humor Is Always Appreciated: especially during the awkward situation and it shows that you’re not boring, if you take life too seriously. You’re setting yourself up for disappointment when things don’t go as planned. Caution can help keep you out of trouble, but it might also make you seem like a negative Nelly was never willing to live life on the edge take a lighthearted approach to things and you might just make someone laugh. There is a balance between humor and dismissiveness find the balance in don’t be rude. One thing you can do to increase the levity of your conversations is to think about funny stories you can tell people are naturally captivated by storytelling and if you can prepare some honest hilarity. Everyone will thank you. 

8. Be Dependable: if you always flake out on plans change your mind last-minute or don’t follow through with your word. People will see you as unreliable.This stop coming to you for important things in their lives and they’ll stop sharing their life with yours. If you struggle with being dependable. Try practicing consistency in other areas of your life. Consistency is about following through regularly develop routines and healthy habits accomplish your goals find success by holding yourself accountable than others will hold you accountable as well. People will be more attracted to you. If they know they can rely on you. Dependability is an essential quality and a good friend or partner. So you have to step up if you want to form long-term relationships in your life.

9. Live For Yourself: obviously don’t completely forget about other people. They matter to but you are the star of your life. Follow your dreams. Find your passion. Be yourself. What works for other people won’t necessarily work for you. So stop wanting to transfer yourself into the Instagram feats and Facebook posts you see online. If you worry about what others think about you which many people do you waste your time chasing the approval of others, and end up feeling empty inside. Even after you get it. Instead, focus on the things in your life that bring you joy, discover who you are and what you love to do that passion and sense of purpose will attract others to you. Creating real change in your life, especially concerning your personal development takes time. If you focus on your goal to maintain a more attractive personality you will achieve it. As you move through this journey you’ll find that being charismatic will become easier and easier. Social skills are learned in your personality today doesn’t have to be a personality 10 years from now. Take control of your life and you’ll find that others will become drawn to you respect your confidence and admire your passion.

10. Be Genuine: if you only pretend to be interested in what other people have to say they’ll notice don’t pretend  be honest. Insincerity is a huge turnoff that will drive others away. Don’t give fake compliments try to sell yourself or act overly confident be the most authentic version of yourself. You don’t have to try to impress others. The real you is impressive this honest you show yourself will shine outwards and others will feel more attracted to you. Don’t stress over what other people think either it’s what you think about yourself that matters the most.

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How To Run A Family Business Successfully

How To Run A Family Business Successfully

Creating a family business is an opportunity to work with those you most trust and care about. It can be very successful as long as it is set up and run correctly—as a professional business.

Working together
Creating a family business can be highly rewarding,and it offers many advantages, such as a shared desire to succeed and the benefit of mutual support. However, there are also disadvantages. Where most roles are performed by family members, the business can lack the breadth of skills and experience found in more diverse companies. Also, family relationships are not the same as working ones, which can result in conflicts that could harm the business .
To help ensure the business succeeds, it is essential to make some early decisions, such as who owns it, how it will be financed, and how profits and liabilities will be shared. You also need to decide the roles of everyone involved, when and how they work, and how they will be rewarded. To do this, draw up a written family charter together (see below”FAMILY CHARTERS”) so that everyone knows what to expect from the business.

Establishing clear roles and responsibilities is particularly important in family-run businesses. Conflict can lead to long-term divisions. To avoid this, create an informal agreement or charter.
All family members involved will need to decide what the charter should cover. Such documents typically outline how the company will be run, its short- and long-term objectives, areas of accountability and authority, and, sometimes, how it might be passed on to the next generation. You may need to consult a lawyer or business mentor to help you agree on tricky issues, such as sharing control and potential wealth.
A business charter is not legally binding. Once you have started selling, it will need to be reviewed regularly to ensure it remains relevant to the business.

❯ Familiarity Knowing each other well can lead to unprofessional attitudes.
❯ Narrow thinking A family workforce may not be open to helpful, external ideas.
❯ Personal resentments These can affect the business and damage family relationships.
❯ Assumptions If there is no charter, senior family members may assume they are in charge.

Is it right for you?
Setting up a family business is not always straightforward. Before you take the plunge, you—and everyone involved—need to weigh the pros and cons to decide objectively whether this is the right choice. A new business requires full commitment and a mutual determination to make things succeed.
Families working together can be a potent force. However, if there are any areas of conflict, these will need to be settled at an early stage to preventthem from jeopardizing future success.

“About 90% of American businesses are family owned or controlled.”
source :

❯ Familiarity Knowing each other well can lead to unprofessional attitudes.
❯ Narrow thinking A family workforce may not be open to helpful, external ideas.
❯ Personal resentments These can affect the business and damage family relationships.
❯ Assumptions If there is no charter, senior family members may assume they are in charge.

Should My Business Outsource or Hire In-House?

Should My Business Outsource or Hire In-House_

Finding professionals to help with specific operational tasks costs money, but can save you time and may increase your chances of commercial success.

Identifying your needs:

Getting your business up and running can seem overwhelming, with many aspects to coordinate, such as dealing with customers, handling your accounts, and other legal requirements, plus providing your goods or services. However, this can be made simpler by looking at each function and deciding whether making use of external help is a good option. Utilizing friends and family with specific skills is one possibility, while another is to seek out small business services that may be available from government or civic organizations. 

You could also consider paying a professional for their services. This could be a one-off commission, such as a web designer creating a website, or it may be an ongoing arrangement, such as using a logistics company to store and ship your products. These decisions will depend on the type of business you are setting up: a home-based, graphic design studio might need outside help only for end-of-year accounting, whereas a restaurateur may need a wider range of services.

Using third parties Although keeping outgoings to a minimum is crucial for any new business, paying for outsourced services from a specialist can save money in the long run. There are a wide variety of services you may need. An independent professional can provide a fresh perspective, pointing out problems or suggesting solutions. 

However, before enlisting external services, it is important to be clear about the specific needs of your business and have an idea of budget. Ask for quotes before making a decision and research the outsourcers thoroughly. If there are no reviews online, ask for examples of their work and references from previous clients, and never pay for anything upfront. 


▶ SLA (service level agreement) is a contract that lists the type and value of outsourced services, along with any conditions, such as annual maintenance. 

▶ Warehousing is the storage and management of goods waiting to be sent out to distributors and consumers. 

▶ Inventory describes the goods produced, or in production, that will be sold by a business. 

▶ Logistics manages how things are moved between the point of production to the consumer, including packaging, distribution, and transportation. 


If your business needs specialist marketing expertise, a particular form of marketing, such as social media, or you want to launch a bigger campaign than you can handle in-house, you will need to go to professional marketers.

▶ Creating content 

▶ Managing social media 

▶ Running email marketing


For occasional or longer term IT needs, freelance or agency experts can improve computer networks and operating systems, as well as maximize the performance of your website. 

▶ Developing apps 

▶ Implementing new technology 

▶ Troubleshooting

Customer care:

A customer relationship specialist can respond, on your behalf, to your customer calls or emails in a timely manner, as well as provide aftersales follow-up, if required, and data management. 

▶ Handling sales 

▶ Dealing with complaints 

▶ Customer service training


Outsourcing logistics means that when orders come in, someone else handles their fulfillment and distribution, along with warehousing, product inventory, and insurance. 

▶ Warehousing 

▶ Managing inventory 

▶ Packing and shipping 


Unless your product is unique, few small businesses will invest in building a manufacturing plant; the most viable alternative is to use an existing manufacturer. They can also produce prototypes or samples of your product. 

▶ Designing products for manufacture 

▶ Producing components 

▶ Assembling products


Finding just the right person for a position can be a struggle. A recruitment agency may help, producing a short list of candidates and charging a one-off fee or a percentage of the new recruit’s salary. 

▶ Headhunting for senior roles 

▶ Providing contract staff 

▶ Workforce planning


A payroll provider charges a monthly fee in return for handling the payment of staff wages, automatically deducting amounts owing for tax and insurance. Using a bookkeeper is another, cheaper way to run payroll and monthly sales data. 

▶ Managing payroll 

▶ Data entry and processing 

▶ Distributing paychecks

Legal and HR:

A solicitor can help you draft business contracts and legal agreements, as well as guide you on the latest regulations. An HR advisor can assist you with staffing issues and contracts. 

▶ Drafting licensing contracts 

▶ Drawing up business partner and rental agreements 

▶ Preparing employee contracts


Accountants can help with the initial business setup, submit annual tax returns, or provide monthly or quarterly services. Fees are taxdeductible, and it is one of the most commonly outsourced services. 

▶ Preparing tax returns 

▶ Running monthly sales data 

▶ Ensuring payment of sales tax

How To Set Clear And Actionable Goals For Your Business

How To Set Clear And Actionable Goals For Your Business

One of the first steps in starting a business is to define what you want to do and why you want to do it. This will help you focus your ideas more clearly and allow you to start making specific plans.

Defining Your Purpose:

When starting a business, first decide what you want to achieve. Known as your business “vision,” this is a long-term view of what your business will become. To then help make that vision become a reality, identify why you want to start this business and not another. For example, you may want to open a travel agency, but why? It may be because you want to offer exciting trips, to serve a particular market, or because you simply see it as a way to make money. This is the “purpose” behind your business vision. 

Use this to inform your decisions and to focus your plans. For instance, an agency offering unique vacations would be planned differently from one aimed at only making money. Your vision and purpose embody your business, which you can use when deciding your strategies and planning your working procedures and practices. Share them with other people involved in your business from the start, including investors, customers, clients, and staff by encapsulating them in a “mission statement” that sums up you and your business. 

Setting Out Your Values:

While deciding the vision and purpose of your business, also consider the values you want to uphold, such as honesty, integrity, value for money, and passion. These provide a map and compass to guide your decision-making and should be reflected in how the business operates. Incorporate these values throughout the business, and communicate them with others so that everyone dealing with you knows what you stand for. For example, a travel agency catering to older travelers may choose “commitment, quality, adventure, and luxury” as its business values.

Creating A Mission Statement:

A mission statement is a written declaration that clarifies the purpose of your business—what it does, who it does it for, and how it does it. It should be concise and give clear answers to three key questions:

  1. What? Define the products or services that your business provides. 
  2. Who for? Say who your products or services are designed for. 
  3. How? Explain how your customers’ aspirations will be met. 

Your mission statement not only provides focus for you, but it also serves as inspiration for others. It can be used to help attract and motivate staff, giving them a clear set of values to follow and a keen sense of what the business does and why. It can also be an important marketing tool, projecting a precise image of your business’s unique identity—its brand—to the outside world, helping attract customers and clients. However, it is essential to demonstrate the values you portray, as failure to do so can undermine the message.

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How To Make Your Business Stand Out From The Crowd

Make Your Business Stand Out From The Crowd

In a crowded marketplace, your business needs to stand out amongst rivals in order to attract customers and clients. This involves building and maintaining a unique competitive advantage.

Creating Advantage:

When starting a business, you need to quickly identify what will make your product or service stand out, giving you a competitive advantage. Gaining and sustaining this advantage by offering greater value or better benefits than competitors is especially crucial when you first enter a crowded market. You can create this greater value in several ways. You can offer a product or service that is unique or new, one of higher quality or with superior customer service, or give guarantees. These are your unique selling points (USPs). 

Whichever you choose, it is important to make sure that customers perceive their value, as these are what gives you a competitive advantage. Providing better benefits than the competition (a differentiation advantage) or offering the same benefits at a competitive price (a cost advantage) are possibilities, but beware of making price your USP. Low prices can be interpreted as low quality, and since you can be undercut by rivals, you will not attract a loyal customer base. 

Identifying your customers and understanding their needs is central to building a competitive advantage. However, to retain their custom, you will need to pay attention to what is happening in the marketplace, and constantly monitor what existing and new competitors are offering. The value your business offers to its customers must be commercially viable. There would be no point in increasing business costs in order to attract customers if your profits become minimal. It is crucial to strike the right balance between the value offered and profit.

What Sets You Apart :

Promoting what makes your business better than the competition tells potential customers why they should choose you, and will help to attract your target market. This uniqueness should form 

part of your “value proposition”—the promise you make to customers about the qualities and benefits they can expect from you and your business.

Go Above And Beyond:

 In order to attract and retain customers, your business must offer value and benefits they cannot get elsewhere. These are your unique selling points (USPs).


How to differentiate your product or service will depend on what you are offering, the market, and your competition.

  • Offer products that provide something different from those of rivals, for example, better quality, safer, or unique designs. 
  • Provide services that customers cannot find anywhere else or that are distinctive and more appealing. 
  • Attractive prices can set a business apart from competitors, but quality cannot be ignored. Customers assess both when deciding if something is value for money. 
  1. Constantly learn about your customers to ensure you meet their needs, which can change over time. 
  2. Review your USPs regularly to ensure they are unique and are valued by your customers. 
  3. Regularly assess your rival’s USPs and find ways to ensure that yours surpass theirs. 
  4. Monitor the costs and benefits of your USPs to the business to ensure profit margins are healthy. 
  5. Keep watching for new market entrants and what they offer.

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How Do You Engage More Customers to Your Website?

Grow Your Online Business

Increasing the “visibility” of your website will help potential customers or clients find it. There are various things you can do to make your site more likely to get picked up by search engines trawling the web.

Making your site more visible:

To view your website, potential customers or clients must first be able to find it. You can make this easier in several ways, such as by promoting your website online, through social media and advertising, and, most important, by making your website easy to find using search engine optimization (SEO).

Understanding SEO:

Search engines, such as Google, collect data from every page on the web, then use algorithms (math processes usually in computer programs) to turn this data into search results. The higher the algorithms rank your site, the higher it will appear in the list of search results and the more likely it is to be seen, also you can buy affordable SEO services from  Fiverr.  

There are things you must do to improve your search ranking, such as including keywords in your site’s content. These are words or phrases that people might use as search terms when looking for your products or services and that search engines will pick up on. Your site’s title page (as it appears in your website’s code), links from other sites to yours (called backlinks), and the words that you use in your links (phrases with hyperlinked text) can all help grab the attention of search engines. Sites that are regularly updated with good content will also rise in the ranks.

Driving Traffic

Focusing on factors that improve search engine optimization (SEO) is an essential strategy. Having lots of backlinks to your site, for example, is something that search engines rate highly. Some strategies for driving traffic (increasing visitors to your site) are quick and cheap; others may require more investment or the hiring of expert help, depending on your skill set.


Research keywords using a keyword tool, such as Keyword Planner or Keyword Explorer. Insert those words and phrases relevant to your business within the first 160 words of your web page, using each keyword only once.


The higher the quality of your content, the more other websites will want to link to yours. Provide html links in your messages to copy and paste. An easy way to get backlinks is to sign up to online business directories, then link from the directories to your website.


Generate interesting content and keep it fresh, updating it as often as possible. It will not only be useful to your customers but will also boost your search ranking. Also post content on other sites, such as YouTube, that will link to yours.

Social Media

Create a profile for your business on the main social media platforms, and post when you know your audience is active or online. Offer further content that can be accessed via a link to your website .


Try pay-per-click social media advertising in different channels, targeting customers by age, location, or other norm . Monitor and then adjust keywords and targeting. Display your web address offline, on business cards, storefronts, or vehicles.


Build a customer database and ask permission from your customers to send them marketing information. Then run an email marketing campaign with an offer, including a link to your website.

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Powerful Ways To Boost Your Confidence

Ways To Boost Your Confidence
It’s no secret that we spend a lot of time and effort trying to appear confident on the surface when we’re around other people, because we kind of have no choice.

People are extremely judgmental whether they’re aware of it or not. Sizing people up is an evolutionary mechanism. When we appear confident and self-assured, people subconsciously place us higher on their social hierarchy. 

This is why it matters how you dress, the strength behind your voice and your posture when you enter a room. All of these things contribute tremendously to how people end up treating you. But the weird thing is so many of us feel a huge disconnect between the person that we’re trying to appear in the world as and who we actually are as a person,because no matter how meticulously we groom ourselves or how obsessively we keep up with the latest trends, or how quippy and clever our matter of speech is, the whole thing ends up feeling like a giant facade. 

Like we’re just putting this show on we’re not actually confident we’re slapping makeup on a pig and this is a problem because the more you strain to act like a confident person in the real world,people don’t really buy it.They can tell that it’s forced. Fake smiles are really easy to spot. I think the reason why so many of us don’t feel confident and rock solid is because we’re forgetting a concept that is fundamental to the way our psychology works. And that is that while we are indeed very efficient at judging other people and sizing them up, our brain uses the exact same mechanism to judge ourselves. 

We are a fly on the wall of our own lives, constantly judging the things we say, the thoughts we entertain and the habits we indulge in. And this constant observation happens without our conscious knowledge because it’s subconscious knowledge. 

This subconscious of ours is always watching us, taking notes, comparing our lifestyle to our value system. And the longer time goes on, the more evidence our subconscious gathers to form an opinion about ourselves, just like it would with other people. So the more and more time we live in contradiction to our value system, the lower our opinion will be of ourselves. 

So if we happen to have a very low opinion of ourselves, we’d have very low self-esteem low self-confidence, low self-efficacy, then there’s a very good chance that your subconscious has

observed you live your life in a way that is contradictory to your fundamental value system.And this is kind of what affirmation culture gets wrong. You know, it sounds all well and good and helpful to look yourself in the mirror and say you are powerful and you are strong. you are good-looking, you attract wealth, you attract women, you attract men, you attract everyone. 

But the truth is your subconscious is harder to fool. if you look yourself in the mirror and say one thing and then behave the opposite way, your subconscious isn’t fooled. it watched you do that it’ll say wow, this guy never does what he says he’s going to do. i’m going to use this information to develop a self-doubt complex that will leak into every area of his life and his interactions with others, especially women. And that’s the insidious thing about our subconscious. it influences our mood, our mindset and our overall mental state far more than we probably realize and that’s because our subconscious accounts for over 90% of our overall mental function. 

so how we conduct ourselves in its presence is everything. so needless to say, the key to confidence in life, the key to feeling self-assured is not to double down and care more about what other people think of you, it’s to take more seriously this relationship that you have with your own subconscious. and to realize that you can form a partnership and a friendship with your subconscious. But if you like the idea of forming a better relationship with your own subconscious, then a great way to do that is to develop that relationship like you would any other relationship: by spending time to get to know the other person. 

You need to spend time getting to know yourself, to uncover what your fundamental value system is so that you can better live in accordance with that. so take some time to ask yourself some key questions. Take out a pen and paper and ask yourself 

  • What kind of person do I want to be in this world?
  • How can I live my life in a way that I would be proud of?
  • What kind of habits does my ideal self have ?
  • and if i was my ideal self, how would i interact with the people around Me?
  • How would I spend my time when nobody is around?
  • Does my ideal self make mistakes sometimes?
  • If so, how does my ideal self respond to the mistakes I make?
  • would i learn from them and encourage myself to do better?

your answers to these types of questions will help you uncover truths that you hold about yourself and the standards that you’re trying to uphold yourself to because whether you’re aware of these ideals consciously or not, they’re there in your subconscious and your subconscious is constantly comparing your behavior to these ideals. 

so it’s super important to take some time to try to figure out what constitutes a good and honorable person according to you.and chances are there’s a lot of truth to these underlying beliefs. and sometimes these beliefs are a little skewed and they need correcting, and you need to form healthier values and healthier expectations of yourself.

So a great way to do this is to go through this whole process of writing this stuff down and diving deep by yourself, and then taking that information to a friend or a third party, preferably a therapist or a mental health professional and try to figure out whether or not this value system is actually useful for you.

you know are you holding yourself to unrealistic expectations or are these healthy and good ideas to have? because either way, there’s no getting around the fact that if you want to develop a better opinion about yourself, your behaviors and your values need to match. and in order for that to happen either your behaviors need to change or your values need to change. as you go through this process, you’ll probably realize that you are on your own side more than you probably realize. and when your conscious mind and your subconscious mind is on the same page, you’ll find that there’s a certain uniformity to your character.

you don’t say one thing and then do another. you don’t act one way in public and then act another way in private. you’ll be a more consistent human being with a more authentic identity. you will feel like yourself. you’ll feel like you’re more you. and that’s a really intangible thing to try to relay to you but it is a very real feeling. and that feeling is what confidence feels like. it’s to be unapologetically you in the presence of others, while you’re alone it just doesn’t really matter. you’re you no matter the circumstances.

I really hope that this article gives you some ideas as to how you can get there in your life.

Thank you so much for reading and we’ll catch you in the next article.

What Laptop Should I Get? 16 Laptop-Buying Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

Laptop Buying Mistakes

Did you know that most people make at least one of these 16 laptop buying mistakes.

This ends up either costing them money upfront or it forces them to spend more money because they have to upgrade too soon.

I’ve definitely been guilty of some of these in the past, so I put together this article to help you avoid the most common laptop buying mistakes.

1. 2-IN-1 Is Not A Laptop:

Thinking of a two-in-one as a laptop. In some cases it’s actually true, like with the Samsung Book Pro 360, but in other cases, you’re essentially buying a tablet with a keyboard attachment. Now in my experience the two-in-one laptops that i’ve used haven’t been as good as laptops in that same price range and they haven’t been as good as the tablets that i already own.

So you really need to make sure that you want that hybrid touch screen functionality, because for the most part, if you’re looking at laptops at that same price point, you’re gonna be giving up on something. Maybe it’s processing power and maybe it’s the quality of the display, but something has to give because of the additional costs the manufacturer has to put into the two-in-one.

2.Overlooking Portability:

One that I’m guilty of and that’s overlooking portability when 17-inch laptops came out, I immediately got one after seeing it at the store.If you see my main workstation, you know  that I like a lot of desktop real estate and I couldn’t wait to use the 17-inch display. 

Well guess what? It was so heavy and cumbersome to bring with me that I never used it.It just stayed at home where, of course, I was going to use it when I have my main workstation available.So think about where you’ll be using your laptop and then consider whether small and light is or isn’t more important than a bigger machine.

3.Overlooking Ergonomics:

When people shop for laptops, the majority of the time, what they’re doing is simply comparing a list of specs, and this isn’t only true for online shoppers.

The next time you’re at a store and you see someone looking at a laptop, watch them, and you’ll see that they are basically going from one-to-one taking a look at the display and then just reading the specs sheets.

They don’t type on the keyboard, they don’t use the trackpad, they don’t play around with the brightness on a display and they don’t even pick it up to see how heavy it is.

They’re about to spend some serious cash on a device they plan on using for the next bunch of years and they don’t even try it before they buy it..

Now you know that not every person has access to every laptop  that they are considering, but i’d recommend that if you can, try a similar model, and maybe with the same keyboard and trackpad just to give yourself a sense of the ergonomics speaking of spending money.

4.Overpaying For A Laptop:

Overpaying for a laptop, look this happens with every product, If a laptop is more expensive because of a feature that you’re going to use and that’s going to provide you with value, then by all means invest in it, but if you’re just spending more money on a laptop that costs more because that laptop is  better, then that could be a waste of money.

5.Buying The Cheapest Laptop:

Now at the other end of the spectrum is buying the absolute cheapest laptop. if it’s a budget laptop and it serves your needs now and in the future, go for it, but if you’re saving 100 or 150  bucks now only to have to replace it in two years by spending 1200 bucks, you actually end up spending more money.

If you read any of my M1 Mac Book Air articles, you know that I do recommend that one even though it’s an entry-level model, but that’s because i think for the majority of users, the performance-to-price ratio is very high and most people don’t need more power than the M1 Mac Book Air offers.


Not considering the port. You need to look at what type of ports a laptop offers, how many of them they are and where they’re located. Does the laptop charge via USB-C or do you need a dedicated power adapter that you have to remember to bring with you? Is there a Thunderbolt port for faster connectivity or does it have an SD card slots so you don’t need to remember to bring a dedicated card reader? 

Think about what you plan on doing with the laptop and then what types of adapters or hubs you’ll need to bring with you for your workflow. 

Accessories are great, but you do lose some of that portability and convenience of using a laptop.


The next mistake that laptop buyers make has to do with storage. So first, I want you to think about how much internal storage you need and you can look at your current laptop to see how much you’re using. Then I want you to consider whether the laptop you’re buying is upgradable or not.

I think the M1 MacBooks are a great buy, especially now, but they’re not upgradable. So what you buy now is what you’ll have forever. Now some other laptops allow you to upgrade the SSD and RAM so you can make a smaller investment upfront, and then later on, when you have more money, you can upgrade.

You can always supplement internal storage with an external SSD but you want to make sure that you’ve had enough internal storage for all your apps, now and for as long as you plan on using that laptop. 

8. Obsessed With One Spec:

Becoming obsessed with one spec. Manufacturers have become absolute marketing ninjas and they do an excellent job at making the buyers think that they need the latest and greatest feature. 

They get it in your head you can’t live without this one thing and then get you to  spend more money than you actually need to. So since we just talked about port, a simple example would be a Thunderbolt/USB 4 port. 
Yes it offers higher maximum transfer speed. And yes, it will allow you to use more powerful accessories like absurdly fast external SSD’s, but you should only spend money on this feature if you actually plan on using it, otherwise you’re just wasting money.

9. Not Buying Enough Power:

We’re all on a budget. Well, at least most of us are, and we’re always looking for a good deal, but if the laptop you buy doesn’t serve your needs now or in the near future, then you are just throwing away money. I get this question a lot, like can i do XYZ, whatever it is, video editing, photo editing whatever it may be on whatever laptop. 

The issue is that most recent laptops can do all of those things, you can edit 4k video even on pretty basic laptops using proxies. But I want you to think about time and money. if it takes me twice as long to edit a video because i have to  transcode all the footage or because i can’t smoothly scrub the timeline or it takes forever for effects to apply, how many hours am i wasting by saving a few hundred bucks upfront? Then multiply that by every video you’re ever going to edit on that laptop and you’ll see it add  up real quick.

 I’m only using video editing as an example, but I want you to apply this to your needs.

10. Size Doesn’t Matter:

Now I want you to look specifically at the size of the display. Depending on what you’re using your laptop for, if you get a laptop that’s too small, It may be so frustrating to use that even though you can bring it with you, you don’t end up working on it. so make sure that you get a display that works for what you need, and at the same time, try to minimize the weight by looking at thin and ultra thin options if portability is a priority. 

If you just compare the M1 MacBook Air and the Samsung Book Pro 360, you saw the both offer the ability to use a tablet as an additional wireless display.

if you’re already bringing a tablet with you, this lets you get by with a smaller display on your laptop because you essentially have a portable dual display setup.

11. Forgetting The Future:

Not thinking about the future and only buying for now. Now this is a double-edged sword because I don’t fully buy into it, see what I did there? the whole concept of future-proofing, but there are levels there. When you put together your requirements, think about what you need now and what you think you’ll need for the lifetime of the device. 

Now this isn’t the same for every buyer because you might get a new laptop every 3 years, 5 years or 10 years, but whatever that cycle looks like for you, make sure that you get a machine that serves you well for that long.

12. Not Watching Reviews:

Not watching reviews.Now there are  a ton of reviews  so find someone who you trust and see what they have to say about the laptop that  you’re thinking of buying. And don’t watch just one, watch a few of them. 

It doesn’t mean that you have to come to the same conclusion as the reviewer, but if this is something that they take seriously, they should give you a balanced perspective and it may cover some aspects that you didn’t think to consider.

13.Glossy Display:

The next couple of mistakes have to do with the displays. The first one might just be a personal pet peeve, but i do not like glossy displays. They initially look really nice at the store, but then when it comes to actually using them in real life situations, i always get frustrated. Now this is where using the laptop at the store for a few minutes can really help you get a sense of what you can expect. .

14. High Resolution:

Believing that they absolutely need a very high resolution display.

It’s true. a nice 4k display looks amazing, but you really need one on a laptop? If you do, cool get one, but otherwise, you’re paying a premium and your battery life will suffer.

15. Brand Loyalty:

All the time buyers that are blindly brand loyal. Now I completely understand that there’s some familiarity involved and assuming that you had a positive experience with a brand, there is some trust that’s built there, but this shouldn’t come at the cost of you doing your research. 

What if this brand made great laptops at a great value five years ago, but now it’s over priced? Or maybe there’s another brand that’s putting out some amazing products and you’re missing out because you’ve limited your research to one brand? Take your time, look at the pros and cons of a few different brands, and then get the one that works best for you.

16. Other People’s Needs:

One that I see all the time and it just makes me shake my head. Now I’m talking about people who buy a laptop based on other people’s needs.

When you’re either watching a review or accepting a recommendation from someone, make sure that they’re addressing your specific needs. There are some amazingly powerful gaming laptops out there, but if you need portability more than you need power, then it’s not the right fit. Just because a laptop has better features doesn’t mean that it’s a better value for your needs.

What’s right for someone else might not be right for you. So please do your best to make an informed decision based on what you actually need.

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9 Things You Need To Stop Expecting From Others In Order To Be Happier

If you often find yourself disappointed in others. It’s likely the result of unrealistic expectations. This can be true of situations or relationships. Perhaps you can get the job you wanted, but the truth is, you were really qualified for it. Or maybe someone didn’t come through for you as you’d hoped, but they didn’t even know what you wanted from them when it comes to relationships. We all deserve fundamental things like respect and a decent level of reciprocity. We also have to remember that were all at different places in our lives. And some people just can’t meet you where you’re at for various reasons, you can build better relationships with others. When you stop expecting the following things from them.

1. More Respect Than You Give Yourself:

Respect starts from within. So if you want to be respected, you must first respect yourself. Self-respect manifests itself in how you conduct and treat yourself and that sets the standard for how others will treat you if you struggle with self-respect, remember to be kind to yourself. Consider if the way you treat yourself would be an appropriate way to treat someone you respect.

2. Constant Agreement:

If you want everyone to agree with you on everything you might be waiting a while. Everyone’s entitled to their own thoughts and opinions. After all, those differences bring out unique perspectives and help us evolve and find better solutions instead of getting bothered or upset when someone disagrees with you be open to their perspective.

If you still don’t agree persuade them with objective data research and facts if appropriate to the situation. If for example you’re working on a group project and you’re absolutely sure of something, make your case for it so you can decide as a group on how to proceed. However, if it’s something where consensus isn’t required. It could be best to just listen and accept their opinion for what it is that will make your viewpoint any less valid.

3. Purely Positive Regard:

You can’t please everyone and you shouldn’t strive to doing so can be detrimental to your mental health. You see the opinions of others. Don’t determine your value. You will always have critics people who dislike or disapprove of you and how you live your life, but this is often a projection of their own inner conflicts rather than actual problem with you.

You may remind him of someone who hurt them in the past, or they may be jealous of you and your success. Their negativity isn’t worth your time. Instead, focus on those who lift you up, treat you with kindness and appreciate your uniqueness.

4. Mind Reading Abilities:

Some people like empaths can pick up on even feel the emotions of others but not everyone has this ability. Some are just oblivious to others’ feelings and unable to read between the lines. Just because you are one of those highly sensitive people. You can’t expect others to be as well. If something is bothering you. Speak up. By doing so, you open up the lines of communication, you will save time and avoid the frustration of expecting someone to know what you’re feeling.

5. The Change For You:

Whether it be a friend or romantic partner and there’s just something about them that you are secretly hoping will change the reality is it likely won’t think about what it is that you’re expecting of them is a significant and realistic. If so, it might be worth a conversation they may share something about themselves that you are not aware of that contributes to the personality and this could shift your perception of them, make whatever you are hoping to change seem less significant.

You shouldn’t be so rigid that you try to fit others into this mold of what you want them to be. If you just can’t seem to accept in the way they are and you might be better off without them. However, regardless of your differences by being understanding, accepting and loving. They may naturally develop into what you desire or something even more remarkable.

6. Doing The Right Thing:

Life isn’t always fair and everyone has different morals and values so we can constantly expect others to do what we deem to be acceptable. Their actions and behaviors might be what is right for them. You’ll save yourself a lot of disappointment and heartache by simply understanding that other people’s behaviors won’t always align with your beliefs. It’s best to have an open and honest conversation right from the start about what is and isn’t appropriate. Doing so will help avoid conflicts and confusion.

7. Solutions:

We all have issues. Others can offer assistance us sort through potential arrangements, but in case the issue is in our life, it’s one we made a difference to form. It’s up to us to resolve what we instigated.

Think approximately it—has anyone’s proposed arrangement to your issues set right with you? We ordinarily discover others’ suggestions miss the mark. As it were individuals with a casualty attitude anticipate others to come to their protect. Victors survey options, take activity, and adjust as required.

8. Relationship At Any Cost:

People come into your life for a reason season or lifetime. Sometimes that reason is just to teach you a lesson. Other times they could be there a little bit longer but you have to accept that that season will eventually come to an end. These people are the ones that often the toughest release but sometimes the happy ending is simply letting go. It’s the lifetime once that you should really cherish it will be by your side in the good times and bad.

There will also be times we have to stand on your own. This can be uncomfortable and lonely. You will learn just how strong and resilient. You truly are. So don’t back away from the situations either. People will really meet all of your expectations. Sometimes they might not even know something’s off and other times you just have to accept them for how they are. Expectations can cause turmoil in relationships.

9. Being Okay All The Time:

Do you always feel like you’re on top of the world and can take on anything. Probably not. So you shouldn’t expect that from others. You never know what’s going on in someone’s life. They could be sick, exhausted or stressed or they could be dealing with the problem at work, school, or in another relationship telling someone to shake it off.

Can seem insensitive and dismissive of whatever it is they’re going through all experience ups and downs. When someone is down should try to react with compassion and kindness that could be just what they need to get them out of that slump.

The only natural. Of course, but you shouldn’t set them so high that no one can reach them most important thing is to find a balance between your expectations of others and what you have to offer.

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10 Lifestyle Habits That Make People Disrespect You

Lifestyle Habits That Make People Disrespect You

We’ve done several articles on this blog on how you can command respect through very subtle behavioral shifts, but there’s a flip side to this. You can lose respect through very small behaviors, and you are probably doing several of these today.

In this article I will be talking about 10 common behaviors that I see all the time, that are causing you to lose respect, and what you can do instead so that you stop.

1. Apologizing For Everything

Over apologizing, especially for things that are out of your control is not only unnecessary, but can also get annoying rather than saying sorry all the time. Try to refrain things. For example, if you missed a deadline at work because you were waiting on someone else instead of apologizing for being late. Thank your boss for the patience. In this case there’s no need to apologize for something that wasn’t your fault. What’s done is done during the other person under the boss won’t do any good either. When you’re wrong, say wrong, but just remember that overdoing it with apologies devalues your words and this can result in people losing respect for you.

2. Getting Offended Easily

Respectable people are securing themselves and don’t take everything too seriously. If you can’t take things lightly forget easily offended by the most innocent jokes. Others always have to worry about what they say or do around you even if you don’t verbalize your feelings, your silence and body language can convey that your offended as a result might find that others pull away from you.

3. Allowing Others To Disrespect You

Have you ever had someone disrespect you in front of other people. It’s not a great feeling. Not only is it embarrassing if you don’t speak up about it and others might perceive you as weak and respect you less disputes and sensitive matters are best handled in private so if someone tries to be meeting you in public. Keep your cool and tell them you’d rather discuss it at a more appropriate time and place by standing your ground, you show that you deserve respect and by handling a call only demonstrate that you’re also respectful of others. Your behavior and how you allow people to treat you will determine whether or not the respective being respectful of yourself and others demonstrates that you deserve it. And people will treat you accordingly.

4. Forcing People

Maybe her parents had to force you to take a bath or wake up early for school but as a kid you need that guidance in your life will help you learn how to be a functioning human when you’re on your own as an adult, though trying to force someone to take a bath to come off a bit creepy. In general, pressuring someone to do something they’re not really into make that person uncomfortable and unhappy when you make people feel this way there respect for you will fizzle.

5. Taking A Defensive Approach

When someone points out one of your mistakes, or false, you handle it with grace. What you get defensive about it. Humility is a very respectable trait and you should be able to accept feedback or criticism without getting defensive. Ask yourself this: would you rather be right, or respected.

6. Allowing Others To Interrupt You Easily

Comment pet peeve is being interrupted while speaking if someone does this to you once or twice. It might be okay to let it slide. However, if it becomes a pattern you might need to say something, allowing someone to interrupt you continuously make you seem less respectable failing to address someone’s route interjections access seem like he can’t stick up for yourself courteously point out the behavior they might not even realize they’re doing it, but you have to show that you know where to draw the line. By doing so you’re making it clear that you have respect for yourself and they should too.

7. Thinking Of Personal Gains In A Relationship

Successful relationships, whether professional or personal are built on mutual trust and respect. If you’re always just thinking about yourself and how you benefit from a situation you’ll come off as selfish, which is neither attractive nor respectable. Instead, you should be focusing on the greater good of those involved in compromise when necessary.

8. Not Understanding The Limits That Others Have Drawn

Everyone has boundaries and it’s important to respect them. Some people are more private than others, and it’s not okay to push them beyond what they’re comfortable with. If you’re constantly testing other people’s patients by poking into their personal affairs, built few US inconsiderate do it enough and they’ll not only lose respect for you. They may blatantly tell you mind your own business.

9. Behavior Switching

Everyone behaves differently in different environments That’s normal and socially acceptable behavior. For example, you wouldn’t act like at a nightclub while in a business meeting for your personality and the way you treat someone should change based on the setting. In other words, if you’re only kind, caring and friendly with someone when no one else is around. But then, belittle or ignore them when other people are there, they will likely lose respect for you, because of your inconsistency and disrespectful behavior.

10. Being A Prevaricator

Prevarication Is really just a fancy way of saying lying, but can also mean skirting around the truth being fake. Only telling half the story, your words hold value in people’s respect for you depends on how much they can trust what you say, if people find out that your dishonest will be sure to question your respectability.

Be cautious of these things so others will respect you for the magnificent person you are.

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