9 Small Habits That Reveal A Lot About Your Personality

reveal a lot about your personality

9 small habits that reveal your true personality. There are number of small habits you practice every day without ever giving them a second thought. And even though you don’t consciously think about how you pick up your bag, place the toilet paper roll or write emails little actions can be very revealing, these seemingly insignificant actions actually carry a lot of weight, based on expert opinion in psychological research. They can provide meaningful insight into your emotions, your personality traits and the way you approach life in general. Who knew something so small could be so deep. Let’s find out what your little habits might reveal about you.

1. The Way You Carry A Bag: even the way you carry your bag can reveal your personality. According to body language experts. For example, if you were a backpack you’re probably the independent type someone who wears a bag with the strap across the body prioritizes protection and practicality while allowing a back to rest behind you shows that you are relaxed and confident. If you carry a bag in your hand, you’re probably assertive, organized and efficient. Oh in high maintenance people prioritize social status tend to carry their bags in the crook of the arms . 

2. Your Eating Habits: behavior experts and psychologists agree that your eating habits can divulge a lot of information about your personality. For example, if you eat slowly, you’re more likely to be confident, compose and in control. If you tend to shovel food in your mouth any quickly you’re more likely to be hot headed on the flipside you’re probably also goal oriented and ambitious adventurous leaders tend to be pushy or curious risktakers, while picky eaters are known to be anxious or neurotic and pay attention to the finer details, if you like to keep your food separate. You’re probably cautious and stubborn.

3. Your Selfie Style: social media can reveal a lot about a person and how you take selfies says more than you think. Research found that those with an agreeable nature tend to take selfies from a lower angle. Those who reveal less of the background of the conscientious types. If you often pull selfies with positive energy like a big smile or laughter, you’re probably open to new experiences while the classic duck lips reveal neurotic tendencies.

4. Your Handwriting :Graphologists,  the experts who study handwriting can predict personality pretty accurately based on the characteristics and patterns of your handwriting. Large letters indicate someone who is social and seeks attention. Small letters are more often written by focused introverted types writing that slants to the right shows that someone is friendly and sentimental but also impulsive. In contrast, a leftward slant indicates that the person is independent and reserved if there is no slant at all. The individual is most likely logical and realistic. If you write with heavy pressure. You probably experienced strong feelings and react quickly in emotional situations. On the other hand, light pressure, reveals that you are easy-going and empathetic, but may lack energy finally rounded letters show  creative artistic personality. While sharp letters indicate a curious, intelligent, aggressive and often intense nature.

5. The Way You Wash Your Body: This may have never crossed your mind with the order in which you wash your body parts can expose your personality. According to studies those who wash their feet first tend to make terrible partners give up when presented with a difficult situation there often unable to think outside the box or challenge themselves, no matter how badly they want to. If you start with your shoulders. You’re probably a loner who cares a lot about power and money, and if you scrub your chest first, you’re most likely is straightforward and rational person. Those who start with their armpits tend to be strong and hard-working people who depend on others when they need to. Who knew some sets can be so revealing.

6. Shopping Habits: that might surprise you to know that your shopping habits can be just as revealing as your eating habits. In general there are two kinds of shoppers. Those who prefer lists and those who shop more spontaneously. If you like lists you’re more likely practical and budget conscious as well as meticulous. If you tend to buy things because there in front of you are probably impulsive by nature and window shopping could be dangerous, when you shop much information you need before you buy something, if you like to read all the labels you might be detail oriented and a bit obsessive.

7. The Way Place The Toilet Paper Roll: Everyone can be grouped into one of two categories, those who put the toilet paper roll over and those who put it under it might seem overgeneralized or incredibly insignificant at first, the research says otherwise. People who prefer the toilet paper over tend to be more dominant, while those who prefer under tend to be more submissive and that goes for both personal and professional relationships.

8. Nervous Tics: body focused repetitive behaviors like biting your nails or picking at your skin also reveal a lot about you. Studies show that these nervous tics tend to occur in people who feel frustrated, bored or even relaxed, those who engage in repetitive behaviors like hair tugging or foot tapping are likely perfectionists were subconsciously trying to suit their dissatisfaction. These behaviors are usually comforting for those who feel bored or irritated.

9. How Punctual You Are: are you someone who tends to arrive last minute or late to everything, your tardiness can signal that your laid-back person, lack confidence in that your unreliable, do you like to be early for everything, then you might be a bit neurotic, if need to know all the details and be able to account for any obstacle, you’re probably the nervous type, right in the sweet spot. You’ll find those who arrive on time. They are neither anxious nor careless, intent to feel comfortable in almost any situation. Punctual individuals are often well prepared and open to challenges, keep in mind that these personality indicators aren’t always 100% accurate. These are general findings and may not apply to you specifically are meant to be a starting point to analyze and reflect on your habits and tendencies. After all, no one knows you better than you.

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