10 Lifestyle Habits That Make People Disrespect You

We’ve done several articles on this blog on how you can command respect through very subtle behavioral shifts, but there’s a flip side to this. You can lose respect through very small behaviors, and you are probably doing several of these today.

In this article I will be talking about 10 common behaviors that I see all the time, that are causing you to lose respect, and what you can do instead so that you stop.

1. Apologizing For Everything

Over apologizing, especially for things that are out of your control is not only unnecessary, but can also get annoying rather than saying sorry all the time. Try to refrain things. For example, if you missed a deadline at work because you were waiting on someone else instead of apologizing for being late. Thank your boss for the patience. In this case there’s no need to apologize for something that wasn’t your fault. What’s done is done during the other person under the boss won’t do any good either. When you’re wrong, say wrong, but just remember that overdoing it with apologies devalues your words and this can result in people losing respect for you.

2. Getting Offended Easily

Respectable people are securing themselves and don’t take everything too seriously. If you can’t take things lightly forget easily offended by the most innocent jokes. Others always have to worry about what they say or do around you even if you don’t verbalize your feelings, your silence and body language can convey that your offended as a result might find that others pull away from you.

3. Allowing Others To Disrespect You

Have you ever had someone disrespect you in front of other people. It’s not a great feeling. Not only is it embarrassing if you don’t speak up about it and others might perceive you as weak and respect you less disputes and sensitive matters are best handled in private so if someone tries to be meeting you in public. Keep your cool and tell them you’d rather discuss it at a more appropriate time and place by standing your ground, you show that you deserve respect and by handling a call only demonstrate that you’re also respectful of others. Your behavior and how you allow people to treat you will determine whether or not the respective being respectful of yourself and others demonstrates that you deserve it. And people will treat you accordingly.

4. Forcing People

Maybe her parents had to force you to take a bath or wake up early for school but as a kid you need that guidance in your life will help you learn how to be a functioning human when you’re on your own as an adult, though trying to force someone to take a bath to come off a bit creepy. In general, pressuring someone to do something they’re not really into make that person uncomfortable and unhappy when you make people feel this way there respect for you will fizzle.

5. Taking A Defensive Approach

When someone points out one of your mistakes, or false, you handle it with grace. What you get defensive about it. Humility is a very respectable trait and you should be able to accept feedback or criticism without getting defensive. Ask yourself this: would you rather be right, or respected.

6. Allowing Others To Interrupt You Easily

Comment pet peeve is being interrupted while speaking if someone does this to you once or twice. It might be okay to let it slide. However, if it becomes a pattern you might need to say something, allowing someone to interrupt you continuously make you seem less respectable failing to address someone’s route interjections access seem like he can’t stick up for yourself courteously point out the behavior they might not even realize they’re doing it, but you have to show that you know where to draw the line. By doing so you’re making it clear that you have respect for yourself and they should too.

7. Thinking Of Personal Gains In A Relationship

Successful relationships, whether professional or personal are built on mutual trust and respect. If you’re always just thinking about yourself and how you benefit from a situation you’ll come off as selfish, which is neither attractive nor respectable. Instead, you should be focusing on the greater good of those involved in compromise when necessary.

8. Not Understanding The Limits That Others Have Drawn

Everyone has boundaries and it’s important to respect them. Some people are more private than others, and it’s not okay to push them beyond what they’re comfortable with. If you’re constantly testing other people’s patients by poking into their personal affairs, built few US inconsiderate do it enough and they’ll not only lose respect for you. They may blatantly tell you mind your own business.

9. Behavior Switching

Everyone behaves differently in different environments That’s normal and socially acceptable behavior. For example, you wouldn’t act like at a nightclub while in a business meeting for your personality and the way you treat someone should change based on the setting. In other words, if you’re only kind, caring and friendly with someone when no one else is around. But then, belittle or ignore them when other people are there, they will likely lose respect for you, because of your inconsistency and disrespectful behavior.

10. Being A Prevaricator

Prevarication Is really just a fancy way of saying lying, but can also mean skirting around the truth being fake. Only telling half the story, your words hold value in people’s respect for you depends on how much they can trust what you say, if people find out that your dishonest will be sure to question your respectability.

Be cautious of these things so others will respect you for the magnificent person you are.

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