Zoyam Premium Meditation Cushion | Well made Zafu Meditation Pillow for Women and Men


Natural, Sustainable and Organic. Our Zafu meditation cushion is filled with 100% organic, Kapok fiber that is known to repel moisture, using our meditation pillow for sitting on floor during a session is highly recommended.

Bang For Your Buck. Zoyam yoga pillow bolster helps you perform meditation smoothly every day keeping your spine in a good position at all times. Our zafu is the perfect yoga pillow simply use it as a floor cushion for adults and even kids wherever you are.

Durable and versatile. Zoyam meditation floor pillow paired with the bonus yoga strap is the best yoga accessories for your meditation and yoga practice. It is your lifesaver as it lifts your hips allowing it to slightly roll forward and achieve the natural curve of your spine.

Align your body and draw your focus within. Zoyam meditation pillow allows you to breathe easier and shift your focus within, allowing you to cultivate steadiness and comfort both in your mind and your body.

Craftsmanship and Bonuses. Our zafu yoga floor pillow cushion is inspired by the Heart Chakra. Hand-designed by a well-known local artist, Juliet Sikora, the strokes on the heart chakra, speaks love, warmth, compassion, and joy. Our round floor cushion yoga pillow comes with Bonus Mandala coloring ebooks. Guided meditation, yoga strap, and a convenient drawstring bag so you can bring it with you everywhere.


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