Pura Vida Ocean Wave Ring for Women Silver or Gold or Rose Gold Plated .925 Sterling


CUTE OCEAN DESIGN: Straight from our Ocean Wave Collection, this ring features a lovely wave cresting over the tide. Its simple yet eye-catching design will help express your love for nature and water. You can style this ring a variety of ways – wear it with jeans for a casual outfit or pair it with a dress for more elegant attire. MADE FROM STERLING SILVER: We use only the finest of materials to craft our jewelry and this ring is no exception. Itメs made from .925 sterling silver, making it extra durable and long-lasting. Plus, its sterling silver construction ensures that it wonメt tarnish or discolor easily, so you can wear it for years to come. HANDCRAFTED: At Pure Vida, we support local artisans in their creative endeavors – all our jewelry pieces and accessories are handmade by our resident artists. This ocean wave ring was carefully crafted by a talented artist to give you a high-quality, stylish piece of jewelry that youメll treasure for a lifetime. MAKES A GREAT GIFT: This ocean wave ring is an ideal gift for surfer girls, Boho teens, and beach bums. Featuring an ocean wave, itメs symbolic of oneメs love of nature and water. Whoever receives this ring will love its fashionable appearance, comfortable fit, and beachy look. Gift it to a loved one for Christmas, for birthdays, or for other special occasions MULTIPLE SIZES: Thereメs a size for everybody at Pure Vida. This dainty ring comes in multiple sizes, ranging from 5 to 9. Each size offers a conveniently snug fit, so you donメt have to worry about it restricting your finger or cutting off circulation. Instead, it will nicely slide on and off your finger without slipping. Itメs made for the ring finger, middle finger, or pointer finger.


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