MR&HM Satin Pillowcase for Hair and Skin 2 Pack Silky Satin Pillow Cases No Zipper


100% Polyester, 2pcs 20″x 30″ Satin Pillowcases

Goodbye To Messy Morning Hair With our satin pillowcases for hair, you can rest easy knowing your hair will be soft & smooth upon waking in the morning. The satin pillow case allows your hair to remain frizz and tangle free and reduces hair breakage.

Enhance Your Beauty Sleep’sleeping on our hypoallergenic non-irritating satin pillowcase can help your skin, too. With less friction tugging at your skin as you sleep, you will experience fewer sleep lines which can equal fewer wrinkles over time.

Zipper Free No zipper closures poking you in the face as you sleep. Our queen pillow cases are made without a zipper closure, instead using an envelope closure. The silky pillowcase queen size holds your pillow securely in place while you rest.

Comfortable Sleep’satin pillowcases are an excellent option for comfortable sleep. The silky fibers are great for temperature regulation. This keeps our satin pillowcase cooler while you are sleeping, allowing you to get a good night’s rest.

Affordable Luxury Don t think you can t have the luxurious feeling of silk pillowcases for your hair and skin as you sleep. Our pillow cases queen are high quality and extravagant but without the price tag. This is luxury at an affordable price.


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