Hometex Canada Pillow Insert 18″ x 18″ Polyester Filled Standard Cover


100% Polyester

WHAT SIZE TO BUY For COVERS 17″ or less we recommend an INSERT that is 1″ larger than your cover, for COVERS 18″; and larger, we recommend an INSERT 1-2″ larger than the cover. EXAMPLE, a 16×16 pillow cover should have a 16×16 or 17×17 pillow insert; 22x 22 pillow cover should have a 24×24 pillow insert. Refer to our sizing chart for more details. If you are unsure about sizing, contact us and one of our experts will advise you.

MATERIALS Our pillow inserts are generously filled with 100% brand new, high loft, polyester fibers that have been processed by our special machines to their full fluffiness. The outer covering is made of durable non-woven polypropylene. Each pillow is inspected and weighed by our production staff to ensure the best quality

QUALITY We use only brand-new high-loft polyester fibers for our filling. This filling is processed by our machines to be super fluffy and soft. We have calculated what is, in our opinion, the perfect firmness to fluffiness ratio, so you ll end up with an insert that is firm enough to be supportive, yet soft enough to provide a measure of comfort.

MACHINE WASHABLE All of the materials used in this pillow insert are polyester, which is a synthetic fiber. This makes these inserts easy to wash in the machine (lukewarm water on the gentlest cycle). These pillow inserts are also dryer-safe. Use the lowest heat setting. You can put some tennis balls in the dryer to keep the pillows fluffy while drying. You can put the tennis balls inside a dryer bag or socks to lessen the impacts on the inserts during the drying.

‘sHIPS FROM BUFFALO, NY Our pillow inserts are made in North America, and shipped from our Buffalo, NY warehouse. Our production staff carefully inspects every insert before it leaves our facility. The pillows are shipped compressed to save on shipping and storage space.


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