Electric Feet Callus Removers Rechargeable Portable Electronic Foot File Pedicure Tools

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FAST & RECHARGEABLE PRO FOOT CARE CALLUS REMOVER SET Efficient foot pedicure tool, simply recharge the battery of cordless electric pedi perfect foot file with the provided adapter charging for 8 hours. 600mAh Li-ion battery can be used up to 45 minutes.

WHOLE BODY WATERPROOF A simple design without screws and dusty, Pritech IP67 electronic foot scrubber is assembled for more than 30 procedures, therefore our electronic foot sander can adapt with all kinds of humid environment, Wet Dry Foot. Electric foot scraper would effectively solves the problem of bacteria growing on the gaps and protects your foot health.

POWERFUL, SAFE and FAST About 2900 turns of the scientific power, separate the dead skin easily with a rougher and smoother roller. Smart automatic protection design. If the pressure is too strong, it will automatically protect and stop, avoid damage to the healthy skin.

‘sOLVE EMBARRASSING FOOT PROBLEMS Our electric pedi pro callous removers feet buff away the dead skin to bring your sophisticated heel and beautiful feet without foot SPA, ideal for for men & women who looking for safe and professional removal of dead skin at home .

All materials are eco-friendly and meet 100 percent natural standards, paraben free and cruelty-free.This is the best gift for someone you love,take good care of her/his skin.


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