How To Take Care of Your Dog

How to take care of your dog

Dogs are considered man’s best friend and have been around since the beginning of time helping humans and giving us a joy of companionship.

Have you ever asked your parents if you could please get a dog? Only for them to sit down and tell you that no, there’s no way you’re going to get a dog.Your hopes, your dreams are then shattered. Wait. There’s still a chance for you yet.

Read this article on how to take care of a dog and then talk to your parents and tell them all the ways that you’re going to be responsible on taking care of that animal.

One of the most important things with taking care of an animal is making sure that they’re fed regularly.

Feed them twice a day according to their weight.Make sure that they sit before they eat to learn good manners.

The next thing you must learn is how to potty train your dog. You don’t want your dog going to the bathroom in the house because you’re gonna have to clean it up and your parents will be more apt to give them away.

Make sure you let your dogs out regularly to go to the bathroom if you don’t have a doggie door and make sure if you do not have a fenced in yard that they’re on a leash.

Working your dog and taking them on regular walks each day is also an important aspect of being a responsible dog owner.

  • Make sure to always have them on a leash.
  • Make sure to brush your dog’s teeth regularly so their breath smells minty fresh and they don’t get any infections in their gums. Also, make sure to give your dog a bath at least once a month so that their coat stays nice and shiny.
  • Most importantly, make sure that your dog is taken to the vet regularly for checkups and vaccinations and especially when they’re not feeling well.

And now it’s time for some tricks and commands.

Making sure that they listen, follow your directions and their mind.

  • Stay active.
  • Sit and speak.
  • Shake, Let’s pray.
  • Play dead, lay down and roll over.
  • Rewarding your dog for a job well done is also important.
  • Make them sit and carefully give them the tree.
  • The last thing is to make sure that you play with your dog regularly. This not only will reward them, but it will reward you when they don’t chew up your furniture.

The most rewarding thing about caring for your dog is making them part of your family.So be responsible. Take care of your dog on a regular basis and they will pay you would love.