5 Spring and Summer Self Care Tips

Spring and Summer Self Care Tips

Hello, My name is Jennifer and this town is all about beauty, fashion, and life in today’s article I’m going to give you five of my self-care tips for spring and summer.

1. Exfoliating And Moisturizes Your Skin: I don’t know about your skin, but I have extremely dry skin and I know being spring and summer at the sun is going to hit us is going drought asking, even more, so you need to exfoliate your skin.

When you’re young what when the young children their skin cell turnover is much, much faster than our think is about 7 to 10 days and then it increases as you get older by the time you had 40 or 50 years your skin turn over is 30 to 45 days and to help that process along.

We need to exfoliate if you want your skin to look soft and shiny,now I exfoliate the skin in two ways. 

The first way is by dry brushing. I’m sure you all heard about that. Here is the tool that I use. It is this echo is by echo tools I purchase this on Amazon.

Use this dry brush, you do I do it maybe two three times a week before I get in the shower for my skin gets dry before my skin gets with the way you do it properly is you stroke you do long strokes towards your heart so you do it from your foot of your leg and on your arms. Don’t put a lot of pressure. I’m heavy-handed so I have to be like myself, but what it does, helps to brush off some of those dead skin cells.

Even though what you do, long, gentle strokes just to help resolve some of those dead skin cells and do you get in the shower. You take your shower and that helps all of your moisturizers and you also so softening your skin and help the moisturize and soften your skin, so I do this on the regular on my legs, my foot. 

I don’t do it on my chest because this skin is a lot thinner and it is a lot more fragile. Definitely don’t go on my face but I do it on my legs and my arms and my chest area from my boobs down like my stomach around, my belly, but in my back and I’ll do my behind too as well that this helps to get rid of that. Just that extra layer of dry skin.

The second way I exfoliate. Sometimes I’m not. I don’t want to use that if my skin may be really really dry I need a little extra than that. That I’ll use a sugar scrub, this sugar scrub is from shop butter and for those of you don’t know this company was found about my daughter. She’s in grad school. She Does this sugar scrub and also does a shop butter but I’ll explain it later. So sometimes I use this. while use this instead of  dry brush. Sometimes because this has always ended. So once you finish exfoliating you can wash off at your skin is automatically still moisturized because it has natural always ended in this particular was met like conference pumpkin spice. It smells nice so I use both of those to exfoliate my skin again because my skin is very very dry and even though my skin is dry. This works well for people with all the skin is whale just that, brushing, or the sugar scrub or that sort of thing helps to exfoliate your skin really really well now I don’t recommend those extra scrubs you get at the drugstore.

The apricot scrub I saw a video on that and they looked at the apricot ships under the microscope and they were very jagged and sharp. But this sugar scrub, sugar is very natural so is my Gumby is harmful as apricot sales. You know that can be very very rough on your skin, so I personally don’t recommend that I know you get a giant took flight five dollars. I just don’t think that’s good for your skin, So after you exfoliate your skin make you Moisturise, really whale, so when I do, and exfoliation. I don’t use a regular Moisturiser. I just use the natural oars in the shop butter on my skin and that’s where the shop butter comes in is all-natural.

She has great natural always in this so if I do a dry scrub or even a sugar scrub I’ll use this shop butter on my skin afterward. Now the next day because my skin again is extremely drama makeup in the morning is all gone. Is everything is soaked in is gone and one of the best moisturizers was  I found is this Servy moisturizing cream. I like a lot of YouTube videos from dermatologists .they all rave about the servy Moisturiser. This has a ceramide, in addition, has three centrist earmarks in it so it’s very very good for your skin. Those are humectants so it helps to draw in more soup makes helps us all soften your skin is that they have fragrance and it is certified by the XMI Association. So is very very good for your skin is not to irritate your skin and just this is the great Moisturise.

If you want to fragrance you can just add your favorite scented all the what have you but this is unscented. I use this as a body cream on a daily basis my skin is very dry. so If your skin is dry even if your skin is all you still meet moisturizer your face or your skin is to produce in excess oil because it feels like is not getting in your skin is not getting enough oil so but even if your skin is very oily, you still need a moisturizer to a different type of moisturizer than someone stay with very dry or extremely dry skin, but you still need a moisturizer that is for my body For my feet. As you know they can be dry. I use the ring foot cream and have urea in it now. now Urea isn’t humectant and it helps to soften your skin is a whale now I am not a dermatologist. There’s a lot of information on YouTube about you reviewing the benefits of having urea in your skin creams in your foot creams.

Just know that it good is a really good substance to having your cream so I use this user in foot cream every single night before I go to because my skin is dry and it makes my skin soft I love this method I use There’s one with urea in it for your face, and I use that’s in my skincare routine for my face is whale but make sure you exfoliate and you use your moisturizer daily to help soften your skin because once you soften your skin put your all’s what have you on it just makes your skin glow, it has a natural glow about it now.

Again, if you’re like me, you have very very dry skin after you use your moisturizer. You can still that more sick and help prevented water loss with some sort of natural oars. Natural always of your choice. I don’t like coconut oil I can use it on my hair. But if I put on my skin. It makes me it’s some people use coconut or they love and I don’t like this in coconut oil.

What I use is this one from shop butter and I love this. This has multiple roles in it cocoa butter, Shea butter, mango, butter, olive oil, vitamin E, avocado oil, hip seed oil castor oil, and fragrant. The particular fragrant in the inducement is hot chocolate. The smells just like the hot chocolate smell so pretty but I love this. I use this on my skin so I exfoliate again. I don’t exfoliate right here this since the skin is thin you don’t want to be doing that a lot, but I use this on my skin every single day I use it on my hair as well that’s in another article.

I use on my skin and I use on my hair so that helps to seal and all the more so that I put in so it prevents that water loss and makes my skin soft and supple. But you know I like hot showers too so because I like hot showers, hot showers are not good for you. They are, they are good to you. They feel amazing, but they’re not good for your skin. They just all of the oils off your skin, but I am just addicted to hot showers so as soon as I get out as soon as I dry off before everything drives up. I put my moisturizer on and I put my shop butter on so I can still in the moisturizer because I just love my shower.

2. Self-care Tip Number Two Is About Sunscreen: Now we all need to use sunscreen, particularly a mineral-based sunscreen If you can. I’ve been researching and looking for some and owl try to do an article on that later. I will try my best but the best sunscreen is wanted to run use. So I like sunscreen because it helps prevent the UB V UV being raised from penetrating my skin and those other race that burn your skin and create wrinkles earlier in the process than they need to become so I don’t use sunscreen to prevent skin cancer, the incidence of skin cancer and darker-skinned people is a lot less than it is in fair-skinned people.

So for me, I don’t personally have anyone in my feminist ever gotten skin cancer. I don’t know of anyone of my friends or anyone of my personally anyone of my complexion is gotten skin cancer that made it. It doesn’t happen, but my purpose for using sunscreen is to help those UVB rays keep from penetrating my skin and causing wrinkles, 52, 53 versus you know if I use it now. Maybe you hold off till I’m 70. That would be great so I use sunscreen for that you need to read your sunscreen in the ingredients. 

Just because you put it on want is this if you going be out a lot of you will be out in the sun for a long extended period. You need to reapply your sunscreen. It does not last all day long. So just read the instructions or the directions are you sunscreen. It makes you read ingredients and try several different sunscreens. If your doctor complexes like if you have a darker skin tone, like me, just look on YouTube. There are numerous dermatologist and you tubers who have put out videos with examples of sunscreens that will cause that white haze over your face, you know, nobody wants to walk out of the house looking like ghosts, so there are sunscreens that we can put on our face as well, that may just give a little, she would not leave that right Castel, I think I know a lot of darker skin. People don’t like the use of sunscreen because of that, but nowadays they have. You have options you have minerals going sunscreens you have chemical sunscreens that don’t leave that white cast on your face.

3. Self-care Tip Number Three: is to make sure you provide a little more attention to your hair like you need to decondition hair. We put a lot of products on the hair and then went out on the sun is just drying everything out. I know my here is a lot drier in the summertime. If you use gel-like I have gel on my hair like eco-gel and if you ever use it you know is extremely dry but anytime I stick my hair back.

I use Eagle gel and although I put all of my hair it just really dries my hair out so I had a really decondition my hair two or three times a week during the summertime and in the wintertime on the door maybe once a week but we need providing extra care to hair is that it is shiny and healthy-looking and glowing because that sun is just going to dry everything out and if you take hot showers and in the summertime or ever that not been a help either of you put in here color in your hair, everything is just stripping it off and then the extra heat of the sun is just really damaging to the hair and the cuticles. So give your hair a little extra tender loving care in the summertime.

4. Self-care Tip Number four:  is please please whatever you do pay some attention to your feet. It is sandal season ladies and I am guilty of waiting to the last one to get my toenails done, you know a lot of you have been stuck in the house and so were doing home pedicures and manicures so you know we’ve developed some new skills in the last year I have been at home, but I had to do my toenails because of course the shops all close but pay some extra ticket to your feet if you let will nail polish on your toes. Make sure your toes are polished. 

The chip toenails completely take away from your outfit you have on the most luxury filled out for little time. This could do that thinking that, but if you’re toenails are cute. It just destroys the luxury look of your outfit. It doesn’t look chic. It doesn’t look elegant doesn’t look classy at all tiptoeing apologists a big no you have to wear nail polish on your toes. You can just do a clear polish if you don’t like to wear to all you got to put a deposit all that looks clean and fine is whale but if you limit your wear nail polish, make sure it is not chipped.

Now, this goes to the back conflict those heels ladies need to take your nose heals need to be putting that lotion you need to be exfoliating you need to find whatever you need to find to get that did skin off the back of your heel and make sure you putting moisturizing cream on your feet. 

I don’t like to do that in the morning or if I’m wearing sandals in the morning, but if I am wearing sneakers I always put my Moisturize on before I put my socks on makes a Moisturize again night anyway but I’ll usually put some cotton socks. Also, it just kinda sits on there it helps to soak it in well so that when I get up in the morning might feet aren’t as they might, heals a moisturizer and again. If you find you can find a foot cream. This user is good. It has urea in it will help to soften that did scan it hard skin on the back of your heel to make your feet look more soft and subtle. You just do not want those credit heels laying out the better your shoe. It does not is going to cheapen your entire look.

It just does not look classy or elegant at all. So do yourself a favor, did you love foot, you don’t even have to if you can’t afford one of those foot massager things of you can’t afford to go to the spa. I’m saying the best device to have is that Marv peaked up they give you when you have a baby that little red square one. They give you at the hospital. If the well THAT when you have the baby that one that they watch the baby with they just give it to you. That makes them perfect size foot sober. 

So I’ll soak my five I think I still have one knows you know I had that baby you have it though but I do not soak my feet at home and just give you some extra tender loving care. Make sure I put lots of moisturizer on my heels and put the sabar on it put my socks on. Make sure my feet are prepared for summertime so please please pay some extra tender loving care to your feet for spring and summer.

5. The Last And Final Self-care Tip For Spring And Summer: is to make certain that you hydrate. I know this sounds very very simple, but you need to increase your water consumption in spring and summer. The sun is going to evaporate some of your Mostly we are ready as is in the is humans most of us do not drink the appropriate right amount of water. 

I know there are different scales the tell you how much water you need, but is usually based on your body weight and then that would determine how much more you need for yourself or how active you are, you know, at an even a 2% water loss you can see changes you can to get confused sometimes or you have less you not drink enough water, you have migraines you have headaches you can’t figure why my head is hurting well you’re dehydrated and if you get to the point where your lips are cracked, you’re severely dehydrated.

I know there are different scales the tell you how much water you need, but is usually based on your body weight and then that would determine how much more you need for yourself or how active you are, you know, at an even a 2% water loss you can see changes you can to get confused sometimes or you have less you not drink enough water, you have migraines you have headaches you can’t figure why my head is hurting well you’re dehydrated and if you get to the point where your lips are cracked, you’re severely dehydrated. 

If your lips are cracked, you are so so behind on how much more you buy This is unreal. If you are consistently constipated. A lot of times it because you’re dehydrated. You need to increase your water consumption during the spring and summertime. You know they say the athletes are people exercise a lot when you exercise, you lose 68% of your water due to sweat so you need to replenish that and then continue replenishing the water or providing water that your body needs to function when the water to breed with the water for our brains to work appropriately you if you’re dehydrated sometimes you’re lethargic and you can’t figure out why I’m so dry or your Wam so dry why I’m so tired is probably because you’re dehydrated and then sometimes when you get dehydrated you don’t have enough water. 

That thirst will not manifest itself as thirst. It manifests itself as hunger, so you know if you drink enough water. It kind of decreases your appetite a bit, but not a great deal, but it can manifest itself as hunger versus manifests itself as being thirsty. It helps to plump your skin up. It helps your digestive system. It just helps your entire body function appropriately. It helps with breathing. I know you probably don’t even know that hydration, decreases hydrate you if you did not have enough water in your body you dehydrated at first, it will decrease your heart rate within a few come some feeling dehydrated. 

It will increase your heart rate. A great deal so please, please, whatever you do, make sure you hydrate hydrate hydrate a lot and try your best not to have if you can be drinking bottled water, try to find bottled were that and have a lot of sodium in it because what assault goals toward those of you drinking a lot of salt, your body does not like that salt balance.

It is to be between 235-245 and if you have too much salt your body. Your body is going to make you urinate or make you pee and then you just replenishing that water for nothing. So if you have a drink bottled water. Make certain you find one with a very low-sodium content and not just drink. I would say something to I want to tell you what Brand on, I never do you have a lot of sodium so we go by your water bottles makes you read the back of a mixer that has a lot of sodium in it. But that means it drink is much more as you can. 

I hope you enjoy this article and I want to have the most amazing spring and summer. Thank you so much for being some of your valuable time with me. I honestly from the bottom of my heart appreciated and have a blessed day bye-bye then to good are they good okay.