How Do You Engage More Customers to Your Website?

Increasing the “visibility” of your website will help potential customers or clients find it. There are various things you can do to make your site more likely to get picked up by search engines trawling the web.

Making your site more visible:

To view your website, potential customers or clients must first be able to find it. You can make this easier in several ways, such as by promoting your website online, through social media and advertising, and, most important, by making your website easy to find using search engine optimization (SEO).

Understanding SEO:

Search engines, such as Google, collect data from every page on the web, then use algorithms (math processes usually in computer programs) to turn this data into search results. The higher the algorithms rank your site, the higher it will appear in the list of search results and the more likely it is to be seen, also you can buy affordable SEO services from  Fiverr.  

There are things you must do to improve your search ranking, such as including keywords in your site’s content. These are words or phrases that people might use as search terms when looking for your products or services and that search engines will pick up on. Your site’s title page (as it appears in your website’s code), links from other sites to yours (called backlinks), and the words that you use in your links (phrases with hyperlinked text) can all help grab the attention of search engines. Sites that are regularly updated with good content will also rise in the ranks.

Driving Traffic

Focusing on factors that improve search engine optimization (SEO) is an essential strategy. Having lots of backlinks to your site, for example, is something that search engines rate highly. Some strategies for driving traffic (increasing visitors to your site) are quick and cheap; others may require more investment or the hiring of expert help, depending on your skill set.


Research keywords using a keyword tool, such as Keyword Planner or Keyword Explorer. Insert those words and phrases relevant to your business within the first 160 words of your web page, using each keyword only once.


The higher the quality of your content, the more other websites will want to link to yours. Provide html links in your messages to copy and paste. An easy way to get backlinks is to sign up to online business directories, then link from the directories to your website.


Generate interesting content and keep it fresh, updating it as often as possible. It will not only be useful to your customers but will also boost your search ranking. Also post content on other sites, such as YouTube, that will link to yours.

Social Media

Create a profile for your business on the main social media platforms, and post when you know your audience is active or online. Offer further content that can be accessed via a link to your website .


Try pay-per-click social media advertising in different channels, targeting customers by age, location, or other norm . Monitor and then adjust keywords and targeting. Display your web address offline, on business cards, storefronts, or vehicles.


Build a customer database and ask permission from your customers to send them marketing information. Then run an email marketing campaign with an offer, including a link to your website.

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